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Increasing Startup Productivity: Hangouts in G-Suite

Boosting Startup Productivity: G-Suite Collaboration in Docs

Boosting Workforce Productivity with Collaboration in G-Suite


As approved members of the G-Suite referral programme Xune.Solutions are excited to share some of the productivity boosting features that can be unlocked with a G-Suite account.

G-Suite allows businesses to collaborate and communicate more efficiently, using tools such as GMail, Hangouts, Forms and Sites to name a few. This post will mainly detail Google Hangouts for a wider perspective on its benefits and uses.

Created to take over from Google Talk this interface allows instant messaging, voice calls and video calls. Direct messages for fast responses during the working day as well as group chat that allows upto 100 users to be in one conversation!

Hangouts is integrated into the gmail inbox and can be used as a separate app on any smartphone device, tablet or chromebook.

“It has changed the way my team think, talk, plan and organise. We can multitask, screen share and move the business forward without ever having to sit in a meeting room.”

Paul, FlopToFit Ltd


Time Efficiency


Just because your staff work flexibly, work part-time or travel frequently does not mean that you can’t all get together to have a meeting and catch up on business goals and prioritise agendas. Simply setting a calendar event that includes a hangout link means you can all jump on the hangouts call and essentially be sat face to face. Let team dynamics and creativity flow as though you were in the same room – except no one has had to spend time travelling into the same office! Make the most of your team and your ideas by using hangouts for weekly catch ups and regular meetings.


Confidence in Collaboration


An organisation is build with people and people enjoy communicating, Google Hangouts means companies can use any device seamlessly as conversations are synchronised between them.

Richard Branson has been quoted as saying “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients”. Google Hangouts keeps those paths of communication open and reduces the barriers to frequent and honest dialogue in the workplace. Whether it is to get rapid approval for a day to day issue or to share an idea for a new project and up date on deals and progress.


How to Get Started

Gaining full access to G-Suite for your business has never been more simple, set up your personalised domain and create all your user accounts with shared inboxes and up to 30 aliases per user in less time than an afternoon meeting!

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