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Interpolate Data – Getting a ReOrder Point With Less Than 90 Days Sales History

What is Interpolate Data?

Interpolate data is an option included in the Inventory Management Application that uses known sales data to make an estimate of the average rate of sales over a 90 day period.

This allows you to receive a more accurate ReOrder point in your earlier days of using the app. Please note that over time your ReOrder point gets more accurate as more sales data is gathered. 90 days is the standard ‘Learning Phase’ but with Interpolate Data switched on, you will receive our best guess estimate as to your ideal ReOrder point.

Who could use it?

Interpolate data is very useful, and is turned on by default for new installs of our app.

Common use cases are:

  • Merchants who are just starting out and want to see early warning signs that they will need to reorder more stock.
  • Introducing new SKU’s with little previous sales data.
  • Existing merchants who cant wait 90 days and are willing to act on a ‘best guess’ scenario

Why wouldn't you use it?

The only reason you wouldn’t is if your current inventory isn’t at risk of running out, and you would like to only make ReOrdering decisions based on solid data, and don’t mind waiting the full 90 days.

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