For Shopify Merchants

Management Application

By Xune Solutions

Never go out of stock again.

View rate of sales.

See how many days until your stock hits zero with an automatically calculated average rate of sales. Get visual alerts on which SKU's need ordering and never lose another sale due to going out of stock.

Know when to order.

Using your automatically calculated reorder point you'll ensure that you only place orders when you need to. Reducing the chance of you paying extra warehouse storage fees for holding too much inventory.

Plan two steps ahead.

Analysing the presented data effectively allows you to see two moves ahead when it comes to your inventory management strategy. With an every expanding knowledge base you can use to grow your business.

Behind the scenes of Inventory Management Application.

Application, by Xune - Dashboard
  • View your overall revenue, costs profit margins at a glance, by the week, month or quarter.

  • See a visual indication on how your pricing strategies have affected your overall profitability.

  • Keep an eye on the fasting moving SKU’s so you don’t get caught by surprise.

A fully-featured dashboard gives you the immediate stats you need to get an overview of the health of your eCommerce business

Inventory Management Application, by Xune - Reorder point1
  • See which inventory is at high risk of going out of stock and which lines you need to keep an eye on.

  • Reorder your list, add and remove columns, filter by vendor, product types or simply search for an item. 

  • Your reorder point is automatically calculated for you, based on your rate of sales and your lead time.

The Reorder point screen provides your central hub where you can use it to analyse your inventory health and make important decisions on when to reorder.

Application, by Xune - settings
  • If you like to play a little riskier, you can remove the automatically calculated safety stock. Ideal for new merchants who want to protect cashflow.

  • Newer eCommerce merchants may see funny data points and incorrect reorder points with no sales history. This fixes that!

  • We use the feedback you give us to implement new features on your behalf. And don’t forget, if you like what we’re building for you please leave us a positive review.

Flexible enough so you can customise it to your specific needs. With an aggressive upgrade strategy to bring you new features.

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