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Is EKM a Good Choice For eCommerce Websites? – Feature Review

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EKM holds the unofficial title as the eCommerce platform of choice for UK companies which want to easily scale. It is now recognised in the eCommerce industry that a website will generally exist in one of three stages throughout its life.

  1. Startup – In this stage, the focus is on providing the best foundations and environment for success.
  2. Growing – As longevity is assured, the value is consistently added via meaningful eCommerce growth marketing optimisations.
  3. Established – Deep insights are regularly reviewed and eCommerce automation is used to maximise eCommerce profits.

In this feature review we turn the spotlight on EKM, and the company prides itself on providing ‘above and beyond’ level support for UK businesses.

Let go of a pure startup mindset, and start considering your strategy for scale and growth from day one. Transitioning between eCommerce platforms can be a stressful experience and you’ll do yourself a massive favour by starting out on an eCommerce platform designed not only to scale with you but plays a proactive part in encouraging increased revenue.

Failing to Plan =/= Planning to Fail


EKM Pricing Plans

Ekm’s price points and feature list is perfect for the cash strapped entrepreneur. If you find yourself saying things like “I can invest £500 to start and the reinvest what I sell” or, “I could put aside x% of my income each month in order to get this thing off the ground”. Then really and truly, you need to be on a platform like EKM which is going to scale with you, however slowly that might be.

A platform like Shopify will provide the ability to scale much faster due to the bustling and lively app store. But those apps cost money, and on top of that some of the optimisations necessary to ensure success also cost money. And if read  that puts you off a platform like Shopify, then EKM is a clear winner over the alternative of WordPress with WooCommerce.


Every eCommerce startup website should aim to have a clean, easy to use design. Which is securely hosted on a fast server and ensures all major payment forms are accepted. This is easily achieved on EKM where these features come packaged straight out of the box. It boasts plenty of beautiful themes designed to funnel visitors quickly through the buying process with minimal purchase friction.

In built image editing of products is a massive boon to those with lower technical skill level and products are easily uploaded and can be imported from Ebay or via CSV. In fact, a major draw to signing up with EKM is that they realise if they help you to be successful then by extension they will be more successful. This manifests in an unprecedented level of ‘hand-holding’ which you just don’t get with other major eCommerce platform providers.

The real magic happens with EKM’s Evolution Mode. This is where their eCommerce specialists examine your site and suggest major optimisations to get the most out of your online store



There genuinely is not enough space to fully detail all the available features which EKM employs to help you grow your successful store. But once you are in possession of a positively cashflowing eCommerce website, big data is employed automatically on your behalf. The team at EKM seem to take pride in analysing your website traffic and suggesting improvements to optimise sales and conversion. These could be things like layout and design changes and if you accept their suggestions they will actually go one step further and action these changes for you! Hands up for some passive sales optimisations.

The end result of all these optimisations is that as long as your online store is covering the cost of the higher subscription rates you genuinely don’t mind paying them to access these regular insights and free optimisations.


Fingers crossed you’ll be on EKM’s Established plan before long. All it takes is to see the high-value impact of just one of their Evolution suggestions and most store owners will see the value in a scenario where they deliver these on a monthly basis.

These evolutions come in many flavours and can range from marketing and social media optimisations and advice, analytics and conversion optimisations through to paid search and search engine optimisations. The price of the Established plan brings a tear to the eye initially, but for your money, you can expect consultancy level advice that pays for itself.

Does it work? Well, they do this for over 50,000 shops…


Four Reasons to Choose EKM 

  • Features and tools that make it easy to convert visitors into customers.
  • No code or fiddly bits, your shop will be up and running on the same day.
  • Your shop comes ready to take payments on any device, no extra setup required.
  • Reliable, secure, powerful and maintained hosting provided around the clock.



As the solid UK based alternative to Shopify, it’s hard to see many flaws in the way that EKM does things, and should be the automatic choice for those with a lower technical skill level who want the security of being able to lean on local technical expertise during website setup. The company is biased quite heavily towards a UK audience although accepts multi-currency so even this isn’t a barrier to success.

EKM’s main attraction, however, is the show reel Evolution mode, which promises to deliver game changing optimisations to your online shop thus saving you money in consultancy fees in the long run.

All that being said, if all things are equal (and by that I’m talking about the investment potential of the business) then Shopify is still the superior option.

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