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How to Write Killer Product Descriptions That Convert

How to write killer product descriptions that convert

Maybe your eCommerce company has invested time and effort in its search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts, and those efforts lead to clicks on your website, and even product or service pages, but you are still finding there is a lack of conversions. The most likely culprit for customers failing to purchase your products or services is the description. Product descriptions are vital to conversions, but they can be neglected as businesses lean in to the visual nature of online sales. Let’s look at how to create some killer product descriptions that lead to increasing your conversion rate.

Five W's and One H

The first step in creating a compelling product description is to consider the customer when writing it. Building an ideal customer profile will lead to better product descriptions. Here is how it works:

  • Who – The obvious question you have to ask when building a customer profile is who is the customer. What is your target demographic? Are they pensioners who have disposable income? Will your product improve the lives of Millennials? Are your customers a group who collect a particular type of product? Are they farmers who need heavy equipment?
  • What – What are the basic facts about your product? What is its purpose for existing? How much does it weigh, does it use batteries, or is it rechargeable? Features can be highly relevant to decision making for certain products, ensuring this box is ticked is the minimum requirement for all product descriptions.
  • Where – Where can your product be used? Is it for indoor or outdoor use? Can you use it in your vehicle? Can it help you at home and in your office?
  • Why – What can it do that a competitor’s product can’t? How can it improve the customer’s life? What are the benefits to the user, what problem does it solve, what pain does it take away and most importantly how is life going to be improved by buying your product over a competitiors.
  • When – When can you use it? Is it a decoration for the holidays? Is it something that can be used all year long? Is it for daytime or night time use, or both?
  • How – How does the product work? Is it simple to use, or does it take some amount of instruction beforehand? If you can provide the details then website visitors can buy with confidence and you aren’t likely to see high levels of returns.


Spelling out in detail the reasons your product will benefit your customers is sure to get more clicks than a basic description.

Use Attention-Grabbing Words in Your Product Description

Using the right language in your product description can make all the difference. A captivating and interesting description will persuade your reader that your product is a must-have.

According to Buffer, these are 20 of the most persuasive words to use in product descriptions.

  • Announcing
  • Now
  • Suddenly
  • Amazing
  • Introducing
  • Sensational
  • Miracle
  • Easy
  • Revolutionary
  • Magic
  • Hurry
  • Quick
  • Remarkabl
  • Improvement.
  • Startling
  • Bargain
  • Wanted
  • Offer
  • Compare
  • Challenge


Be sure to include the most persuasive word in the English language with your description- “You” – talk directly to your website visitors and begin building a relationship straight from the product page.

Keep It Simple

It’s been repeatedly proven that internet users now have very brief attention spans. We have been conditioned to expect everything instantly, and so when it comes to reading a product description, everyone wants it to be to the point. When it comes to writing your product description, brevity is the best policy.

Using bullet points in your description will make it scannable and easy to understand. Don’t try to impress the customer with your vocabulary. Potential customers don’t want to have to look up technical jargon when trying to figure out if they want your product or not. It is likely they will bounce from your product page rather than converting because your highly technical product description was confusing.

write killer product description


With an effective product description, you have the chance to upsell by making a recommendation. For instance, when selling hiking boots, you could add a recommendation for quick drying hiker socks. The products are related and are likely something about which a customer was thinking. It probably doesn’t need saying but don’t make a recommendation for a television when someone is shopping for trousers.


Proofread Your Description

Nothing says “Hi, we are a unprofessional business that you should avoid” faster than typos or misspellings in your product description. You can write the most effective product description in the history of eCommerce and it will be ineffective if it has errors in it. In order to ensure there are no errors in your description, have a second pair of eyes look it over or use one of the many proofing apps available online.


Test Your Description

You may see an uplift in sales after creating a new description for a product, but is that the best description you could have? Using split (or A/B) testing will allow you to try out several descriptions and chose the one that gets the best results. This will largely come back to your ideal customer audience. If the items you are selling are high value considered purchases your descriptions may need to be more detailed or even have supporting blogs, those more impulse style purchases may do better with something informal and fun – it’s all down to testing.


Use a Product Description Template

If you are just not sure how to format your product description, there are endless amounts of product description templates available. These templates will give you a method to use while writing your product description.


In Summary

To get that killer product description you want will take time, creativity and testing. Experiment with different formats and language to find the best possible combination. Once you have begun to discover what product descriptions work best, increased conversions won’t be far behind.

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