Case Study - LD Nutrition

LD Nutrition is one of our favourite clients to work with, especially considering their business goals and values align with many of our own. LD Nutrition are a food preparation company located in the heart of Yorkshire, and require marketing in order to boost sales and increase leads/customers for their business. 

We have made decisions for LD Nutrition with their marketing that have had a huge impact on their businesses success. All businesses come into problems from time to time, but with a trusted marketing agency to guide you through the process, you are able to overcome these issues and reach the point of success that your business needs.

LD Nutrition digital marketing case study
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Social Media Strategy

LD Nutrition has an active presence on social media, with many of their customers coming from their Facebook page. We wanted to expand upon this presence and build on the posts that they already post regularly, so we opted for a smarter social media strategy going forward.

Because of this, LD Nutrition is experiencing more engagement, impressions and sales all through social media. Using a marketing agency to expand upon already existing marketing efforts is proven to be successful when wanting to grow your business.

Facebook Advertising

Using advertising techniques online, it is now easier than ever to grow your business. However, to create successful, effective advertisements, you will need the experts to give you a hand.

LD Nutrition used our Facebook Advertising skills in order to drive customer engagement and bring more leads/sales to their business. Facebook Ads are important for bringing in new customers, and this has worked well for LD Nutrition.

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LD Nutrition Automation

Email Automation

LD Nutrition was missing out on Email Automation, a major factor in driving customer engagement and building customer relationships in digital marketing. We implemented Email Automations that are smart, unique and are made to nurture customers in order to increase engagement.

This was a smart decision, as Email Automations are now helping LD Nutrition increase their sales/leads and build new customers. It is something that is important for online businesses and has worked very well for our clients.


Since making the decision to work with Xune Solutions, LD Nutrition have expanded from a very small, local food preparation company, to a buzzing business providing Yorkshire with the finest pre-prepared meals. 

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