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Use Localised Email Marketing to Grow Your Business in Leeds

In the Leeds / West Yorkshire area, including the cities and towns of Bradford, Wakefield, Kirklees and Selby, Localised Email Marketing can help you transform your business and assist you with nurturing your customers, subsequently growing your business and increasing leads/customers. 

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Expand your brand in West Yorkshire.

Email Marketing is becoming more and more essential to developing a business, and if you are based in the Leeds & West Yorkshire area, you should consider taking advantage of the Localised Email Marketing strategies that are available to your business. Catering towards specific areas rather than generalising your email marketing can significantly increase the success of your business.

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How Leeds Local Businesses Succeed

LD Nutrition

LD Nutrition is a food preparation business based in the Leeds / West Yorkshire area. However, they only deliver to specific postcodes and regions rather than the entire county. Through Localised Email Marketing, they can cater towards the people who they do deliver to, rather than others who it is not relevant for. This results in more sales and leads from the type of people that LD Nutrition want to target.

Using Localised Email Marketing in Leeds and the surrounding cities and towns of Bradford, Wakefield, Kirklees and Selby will help you target and focus on the customers you really want, eradicating people who are not relevant to your business and are not a part of your target audience. Doing this will result in a customer base more engaged and interested in your business.

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Take Advantage of Localised Email Marketing For Your Business

Localised Email Marketing is now an essential part of marketing your business online, and will assist you in nurturing your customers and bringing in new leads who are genuinely interested in your business. Xune Solutions are the experts on Localised Email Marketing and will help you remodel your email marketing strategy for the future or your business.

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Our Email Marketing Process

What to Expect in your Email Marketing with Xune

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Step 1 . Getting to Know Each Other

A call to discuss the outline of your company – what your goals / values are and the tone of voice of your business. This is to get a better understanding of your business ready for the Email Marketing process. 

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Step 2 . Strategy Workshop

This is where we build upon the goals and values of your business in order to build a clever strategy for the Email Marketing process. We understand your businesses desires and goals and work towards them with our strategy. 

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Step 3 . Design & Branding

We want your emails to be unique and engaging for your audience. This step is where we work on the design and find a style that suits your business and will be the best for your customers.

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Step 4 . Content Creation

We then pass on the strategy and design work onto our content creation team, who then write compelling and nurturing Email Marketing content for your customers to receive and engage with.

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Step 5 . Reporting and Analytics

Afterwards, we will monitor and measure the success of the campaign. Taking this data into account is important for us to make sure that we are always working towards your businesses goals and needs.

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Step 6 . Reload and Repeat

We then use this data to strategise again and make changes to the previous work we’ve done. This is to make sure that your Email Marketing process is working correctly and aligns with your business.

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