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By using SEO strategies for your localised pages, you can grow your business and increase traffic to your online presence.

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Most people instantly go to the internet when they want to find something so as a business, you need to show up on the relevant searches for when they do this. Using SEO you improve the ranking of your localised page. In order to do this successfully, you need to ensure your page includes vital local keywords, that people in the area are using, as well as having optimised Google My Business and making sure your address, name and phone number are accurate and consistent across your website and social media platforms. 

Creating a localised page that gets a high click rate involves ensuring all aspects of your website’s SEO are targeted to the local area specifically. For Leeds, this would include keywords that are optimised for Holbeck, Hyde Park, Chapeltown, Harehills, Headingley, Sheepscar and Roundhay as well as Leeds in general.

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How Leeds Local Businesses Succeed


The Golf Centre

The Golf Centre is based in Leeds and focuses their SEO not only on those in Leeds but to other Yorkshire areas such as Sheffield, Huddersfield, Doncaster and even Manchester. In order to do this effectively, they include keywords throughout their website, such as ‘golfing in Leeds’. They also use blogs, an excellent way to boost SEO, on their websites as you can get many good, high ranking and unique keywords in. 


Browns Restaurant

Browns Restaurant is a restaurant in the centre of Leeds. They aim to attract people who are visiting Leeds and looking for a nice play to eat and relax while in Leeds city centre. On their website, they clearly display good use of SEO for Leeds by including the keywords of ‘Leeds’ as well as naming specific other places nearby such as ‘The Light shopping centre’ and ‘Leeds Art Gallery’.  


Positive Image

Positive Image, a photography studio in Leeds, turrets the people of Leeds. Based in Pudsey, they have displayed excellent use of local keywords throughout their website. Mentioning ‘Leeds’ and ‘Pudsey’ as well as mentioning ‘New Pudsey Railway Station’ a keyword specific to Pudsey, Leeds.   

Their Google My Business is also a great example of how they are using SEO to their advantage. With the local keywords on it, opening times, contact information and some fantastic reviews, to give people a boost of social proof. 

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The Experts on SEO for Leeds

Creating a localised page to rank on Google can be executed extremely well using SEO. Using SEO techniques that are specifically tailored to Leeds and its surrounding areas such as Pudsey, Headingley, Holbeck and Harehills as well as the smaller areas within the town centre such as Briggate, Saxton Gardens, Hyde Park and Sheepscar can give your business the boost it needs. Speak to the experts about using SEO for local pages to expand your business successfully.

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Our Marketing Process

What to Expect in your Local Marketing with Xune

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Step 1 . Getting to Know Each Other

A call to discuss the outline of your company – It’s goals, it’s values, it’s tone of voice… Essentially your companies personality! The marketing that we do will become a reflection of your brand… Here we get off to a flying start!

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Step 2 . SEO Workshop

We’ll run a workshop with you to discuss our search engine optimization process, what we do, why it’s important and how we do it. We can answer questions, gather your initial thoughts and help you understand what SEO is and why it’s vital for your business. 

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Step 3 . Market Research

Other companies and brands can be intimidating to compete with, we’ll analyse the competition your business will face, where they are, who and how they target and then do one better to get you on top. We will also research the best ways to slot you nicely in your market and find you a unique selling point that will get your business booming.

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Step 4 . Keyword Research and Planning

At this stage we will perform extensive research into the keywords we want to be ranking for and how to rank high with them on Google. We will discover which keywords are easy and hard to rank for as well as which keywords would be best for your business and how we can use them to get your brand seen.

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Step 5 . SEO Strategy

Once we have the keywords we are going to aim for, we will plan a strategy that allows us to use these keywords to rank on Google. We will also create a strategy that allows your website to be optimised for every device and every platform. 

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Step 6 . Analyse and Review

We will continuously review where your website is ranking on Google and keep you in the loop completely. We will continue to review what is working and what could be better in order to fully optimise your website and brand.

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