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By using SEO strategies for your localised pages, you can grow your business and increase traffic to your online presence.

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Using SEO can improve the ranking of your localised page. To do this you need to ensure your page includes essential local keywords, a fast loading website, be mobile friendly and include relevant links. In the case of creating a localised page for the Manchester area, using SEO specific to the Manchester area is the best way to grow your Manchester business. 

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How Manchester Local Businesses Succeed

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The Lowry Hotel

The Lowry Hotel is a hotel in the centre of Manchester. They use SEO effectively by placing keywords throughout their website and including keyword goldmines (aka blogs). ‘Hotels in Manchester’ is the obvious keyword that a hotel business in Manchester would need to rank highly for. This hotel, that is in the centre, uses these keywords to rank higher on the search engine page. Their use of blogs will also aid in putting them on the map as blogs can be used to target many locations in and amongst Manchester’s city centre, such as Springfields, New Islington, Northern Quarter and Blackfriars. Another excellent way they are optimising is having their site loading quickly. This is essential in keeping people on their page and to reduce bounce rates. 

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Takk, a local cafe Manchester advertise themselves as ‘a true neighbourhood hangout’, they target the local people of Manchester. In using local keywords and ensuring they have a speedy website, they have successfully brought in plenty of website traffic, even during the COVID-19 restrictions.  

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Salford Van Hire

Salford Van Hire, a vehicle renting company based in Salford, Manchester serves the areas of Greater Manchester and other Yorkshire areas, including Leeds. More specifically including places such as Ashton, Bolton, Rothwell, Salford, Manchester, and Trafford. They very frequently and consistently use the right keywords, local especially to Manchester as well as other Yorkshire areas. Keywords such as ‘van hire’, vehicle rental companies’, ‘van and car hire service’ as well as mentioning specific areas, such as ‘Manchester’, ‘Ashton’, ‘Bolton’ and ‘Stockport’. When searching for ‘Vans for hire Manchester’ Salford Van Hire are the third organic search result to appear. This just proves the power of keywords and how their use of local SEO has aided them in ranking highly on Google.

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The Experts on SEO for Manchester

Using SEO to create a high ranking localised page, specifically for Manchester is essential in growing your business. SEO can involve small and simple but immensely effective changes that will boost your business dramatically. Why not have a chat with the experts about using SEO for local pages to rank high on searches and successfully grow your business.   

We Specialise In:

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Our Optimisation Process

What to Expect in your SEO with Xune

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Step 1 . Getting to Know Each Other

A call to discuss the outline of your company – It’s goals, it’s values, it’s tone of voice… Essentially your companies personality! The marketing that we do will become a reflection of your brand… Here we get off to a flying start!

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Step 2 . SEO Workshop

We’ll run a workshop with you to discuss our search engine optimization process, what we do, why it’s important and how we do it. We can answer questions, gather your initial thoughts and help you understand what SEO is and why it’s vital for your business. 

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Step 3 . Market Research

Other companies and brands can be intimidating to compete with, we’ll analyse the competition your business will face, where they are, who and how they target and then do one better to get you on top. We will also research the best ways to slot you nicely in your market and find you a unique selling point that will get your business booming.

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Step 4 . Keyword Research and Planning

At this stage we will perform extensive research into the keywords we want to be ranking for and how to rank high with them on Google. We will discover which keywords are easy and hard to rank for as well as which keywords would be best for your business and how we can use them to get your brand seen.

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Step 5 . SEO Strategy

Once we have the keywords we are going to aim for, we will plan a strategy that allows us to use these keywords to rank on Google. We will also create a strategy that allows your website to be optimised for every device and every platform. 

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Step 6 . Analyse and Review

We will continuously review where your website is ranking on Google and keep you in the loop completely. We will continue to review what is working and what could be better in order to fully optimise your website and brand.

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