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Understanding the role that web design plays in getting your business found online and how it works will ultimately help your business expand and conquer the Huddersfield region.

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The design of a website is an essential aspect of having a high ranking localised page. Having a website that provides users with an excellent experience by loading quickly, being easy to navigate through and find the right information, as well as being secure and trustworthy are ideal ways to rank higher on Google with web design.

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How Huddersfield Local Businesses Succeed

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The Parish

The Parish, a local Huddersfield pub, has great food, excellent beer and live music. The Parish is well known to the locals of Huddersfield and used often by those in the areas close by, including Dalton, Springwood, Aspley, Southgate, Shorehead and Greenhead. The website itself is well designed for a pub in Huddersfield, being slightly untidy and rustic giving the website some character. Pubs are fun, social places and the website ensures it reflects that well. They have plenty of good looking call to actions throughout their website that create a well-designed funnel to guide people through to buy merch, see a gig and encourage them to visit. The website copy is clear to read and it’s easy to find the right information, making it a website designed perfectly for those in Huddersfield. 

Hotel Around Town Case Study

The Cambridge Hotel

The Cambridge Hotel is a Hotel just outside Huddersfield’s town centre. The site displays clear testimonials on the home page which allow for social proof. For businesses like hotels, social proof can be extremely important. Staying somewhere you’ve never stayed before can be a gamble but social proof can reassure the visitor that it’s a good place to stay. There is a slideshow banner at the very top which instantly displays the price for different rooms. This is an excellent feature that allows people to see straight away if this hotel is in their price range, in doing this you can filter out early on the people who are unlikely to stay there. Along with this, they clearly lay out what the hotel has and where it is. The main aspects people look for in a hotel are in plain sight and are easy to read, an ideal website design for a hotel. 

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Shaws is a business that produces chutney, relishes, sauces and salsas. They provide chutneys, relishes and sauces mainly to Huddersfield and the rest of Yorkshire such as Bradford, Wakefield, Honley, Barnsley, Ilkley and Mirfield. Their website is well designed for people in Yorkshire areas, including using more local dialect (for example using ‘reet’ instead of ‘right’). They utilise a clear navigation bar for easy to find information, as well as some excellent reviews from previous customers to provide some social proof about their products. The website’s design looks stunning, fitting to the brand, provides relevant information that is easy to find and is optimised for the areas of Yorkshire, where they are targeting people.

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The Experts on Website Design for Huddersfield

Creating a localised page for Huddersfield can have magnificent benefits on your business. Using web design to target Huddersfield, the surrounding central areas such as Aspley, Lockwood, Primrose Hill, Moldgreen, Bradley Mills, Hillhouse, Edgerton, Marsh, Paddock, Crosland Moor and Thornton Lodge as well as further areas including Golcar, Slaithwaite, Honley, Kirkburton, Fenay Bridge, Grange Moor, Mirfield, Brackenhall and Elland. An expert could take your web design from good to great, so why not get in touch with us. We can create excellent localised pages that will successfully grow your business. 

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Our Website Design Process

What to Expect in your Website Design with Xune

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Step 1 . Getting to Know Each Other

A call to discuss the outline of your company – It’s goals, it’s values, it’s tone of voice… Essentially your companies personality! The websites design will become a reflection of your brand… Here we get off to a flying start!

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Step 2 . Website Design Workshop

We run a workshop with you to go through our design process and what you can expect. We will discuss initial thoughts. If you already have a website, here you will tell us what you like/dislike about your current site and what you would like to keep.

Step 3 . Interactive Planning

Looking at how your web pages will be working with each other to create your design. A basic layout of your website’s pages and the journey each page goes to connect with one another.

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Step 4 . The Actual Visual Design

Further and planning the aesthetic design. Here our designer will create mockups of several pages of your site, with your brand in mind of course!

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Step 5 . Building Your Website

Where we get started on the meat and bones of the whole process. Our brilliant Website Designers and experienced Copywriters will get to work, nurturing and spinning up your website.

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Step 6 . Testing & Reviewing

During all of these steps, we have regular meetings/calls/chats about our progress. To here your views, making alterations where needed to bring your dreams to reality.

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