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Understanding the role that web design plays in getting your business found online and how it works will ultimately help your business expand and conquer Greater Manchester. 

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Expand your brand in Greater Manchester.

Being an essential part of any business, especially eCommerce businesses, website design can have a large impact on the success of your business. Using a website design for Manchester businesses to rank highly on search engines like Google isn’t all about the looks, the logistics are just as important. In order to ensure you have a good localised page for Manchester, you need everything from excellent user experience to a spot on design. This includes aspects such as site loading speed, website security, clear navigation and, for the cherry on top, a good looking design. Ensuring your website’s design is optimised and ideal for your target audience, should successfully give you ‘a leg up’ to rank higher for a local Manchetser page on Google.

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How Manchester Local Businesses Succeed

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John Dearden

John Dearden, an engraving business from Manchester, use their Manchester focused website design to promote their Manchester-based business. The location of John Dearden’s engraving business is in Manchester City Centre and with being based in Manchester he targets the nearby areas such as Northern Quarter, Blackfriars, Green Quarter, Spinningfields, New Islington and Ancoats. However, they also cater to outside areas of Manchester, including places such as East Lancashire. Their website copy clearly states that they are based in Manchester and that they do provide for other Northern areas. They’ve also used an excellent promotional video that openly shows off the stunning engravings they have achieved, as well as a little insight into how the engravings are done. They’ve also, cleverly, used a picture of some very well known people, Prince William and Kate Middleton. Not only does this resonate and instantly attract the attention of people from the UK but also shows their level of professionalism, due to having high profile clients before. Alongside these aspects, their website is laid out in a simple, clear way that provides easy navigation and simple to use for the visitor. 

Technician Repairs Heating

Dent Removal Manchester

Dent Removal Manchester are a company that cater locally to Manchester. They remove dents from cars as well as performing smart repairs. Covering locally, they cater for the areas of Manchester including Manchester City Centre, Salford, Eccles, Prestwich, Worsley, Walkden and Trafford Park. Their website designed for Manchester clearly displays what they do and where they do it (Local Manchester areas), as well as reasons to use them and examples of their excellent work in the form of before and after images. Clearly laid out information, easy navigation, proof of their great services as well as good uses of call to actions make this website perfectly designed for a localised page that will rank for Manchester.    

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Kimpton Clocktower Hotel

Kimpton Clocktower Hotel is a hotel based near the city centre of Manchester. Initial visiting of the site, it instantly looks luxurious, with a slide show style banner displaying the gorgeous ins and outs of the hotel. One of the first things you see and read on the website are the words ‘Heart of Manchester’ the placement of this is ideal as most people outside the area looking for a place to stay will want somewhere as close to the city centre as possible. You see the luxurious nature and then see it’s in the city centre, making it very appealing to people looking for somewhere nice to stay while visiting Manchester. Plenty of navigation makes it easy to cruise through the website and find all the relevant information easily. The website’s design for Manchester is well optimised and ideal for attracting guests outside of Manchester.

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The Experts on Website Design for Manchester

Creating a localised page for Manchester, as well as areas close by such as Salford, Cheetham Hill, Old Trafford and the more central areas such as Green Quarter, Ancoats, New Islington, Spinningfields and Blackfriars, involves using every aspect of website design to make it full proof in successfully ranking on Google.     

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Our Website Design Process

What to Expect in your Website Design with Xune

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Step 1 . Getting to Know Each Other

A call to discuss the outline of your company – It’s goals, it’s values, it’s tone of voice… Essentially your companies personality! The websites design will become a reflection of your brand… Here we get off to a flying start!

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Step 2 . Website Design Workshop

We run a workshop with you to go through our design process and what you can expect. We will discuss initial thoughts. If you already have a website, here you will tell us what you like/dislike about your current site and what you would like to keep.

Step 3 . Interactive Planning

Looking at how your web pages will be working with each other to create your design. A basic layout of your website’s pages and the journey each page goes to connect with one another.

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Step 4 . The Actual Visual Design

Further and planning the aesthetic design. Here our designer will create mockups of several pages of your site, with your brand in mind of course!

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Step 5 . Building Your Website

Where we get started on the meat and bones of the whole process. Our brilliant Website Designers and experienced Copywriters will get to work, nurturing and spinning up your website.

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Step 6 . Testing & Reviewing

During all of these steps, we have regular meetings/calls/chats about our progress. To here your views, making alterations where needed to bring your dreams to reality.

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