Case Study - Loch Electronics

Loch Electronics are one of the most innovative companies we’ve worked with. Specialising in sustainable, eco-friendly electronic inventions, Loch Electronics are growing faster than ever before and with the launch of their new product, Capsule Dishwasher. We have assisted them with marketing and website design to launch their fantastic new product.

Website design for Loch Electronics was vital, we wanted to optimise their website to the best of our ability in order to make it look and flow perfectly, ready for the launch of their new product. Their website needed a fair amount of work, but we managed to make the relevant changes and provide them with a new, high-quality website for their visitors to use.  

Loch Electronics Case Study
Loch Electronics Case Study

Focus on The Product

Loch Electronics’ previous website lacked focus. As the product had not been released yet, there was no incentive to market it on their website. We changed this by putting a much larger focus on promoting and advertising their product, Capsule Dishwasher.

This has proven to be successful, as more and more people are falling down the conversion funnel that we created on the website. Putting a focus on the product gave the website purpose and assured visitors that the business is legitimate, with an excellent product to sell and content to consume.

Modernisation and Engagement

The old website was not a bad website, however, it lacked the modernity and engagement factors that many people look for when searching for a product. We needed to make changes to the design to ensure that the website was looking pristine and this strategy worked, with the website now featuring a stunning,modern design.

There also lacked engagement with the visitors, this needed changing. By using pop-up CTAs (call-to-action) and carousels, we made the website a lot easier on the eye and gave the website more interactive features for the user to connect with and learn from. This also helped to reduce the bounce rate for Loch Electronics,  in order to increase the chances of potential customers purchasing their new product.

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Having a modern, high-quality website design is something that we should all strive for in a business. With the internet playing a bigger role in our lives, and with it only increasing in usage, we must adapt to the new standard of business and treat our websites like we would our premises or property.

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