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Misha, Xune Solutions ecommerce passive income consultancy

Misha Cunningham  - Growth, Action & Integrity


I created this company to help as many entrepreneurs and SMEs follow their dream to 'go digital', grow and develop their companies.

I personally specialise in using e-commerce to help create your income and deliver meaningful financial results so that you, and your customers can enjoy the benefits of fair online value exchange.

Put simply, I turn goals into actions, actions into results.



Anna Kearney  - Value, Relationship Building & Creativity


I am passionate about people connecting with brands they trust and love. With a fierce desire to see others succeed and upgrade their lives, which came through starting my own business and turning it into a commercial success.

My role in Xune is to understand the user experience and deliver tangible results to clients with a focus on a user-friendly journey, consistent branding and modern design.

My passion is enhancing user experience and helping entrepreneurs create viable startups, and I believe this means taking the time to understand the relationships that make your business tick.

Xune Training - Anna Kearney


Jules - Misha was my first and only choice of freelancers once I read his proposal. He was more thorough and personal than anyone else, by far. I could tell he had read my job description in detail, which is exactly what I was looking for.

His proposal wasn’t just “quoting the party line” he was speaking directly and specifically to me. He was hitting every point I made, answering every question I brought up. After Googling him, going over his recent work and basically offending his integrity by going overboard with my interview questions I knew my gut instincts were right. He was the one.

One week in and I am already getting powerful, insightful, relevant information relating to my unique situation that is coming in faster than I can read it!! (It is always readable-even for a novice like me and if I get confused, he quickly explains).

I’m sure there are many talented professionals out there but if you are looking for someone to meet goals similar to mine-increase conversions and overall sales then good luck if you choose someone else because you’ll be taking a gamble.

Working with Xune ISN’T a gamble. It’s a guarantee!

Case Studies

Case Study A Line Called K with Xune Solutions

After creating a new user experience for this client we saw an instant increase in website performance, higher levels of traffic and conversions from their first advertising campaign.

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