Case Study - NC500 Pods

NC500 Pods are a client with huge potential. With it being a destination/holiday accommodation based client, we want to expand upon their current customer base and grow the amount of people staying in their pods with bookings increasing. 

We knew that NC500 Pods needed marketing for the growth of their business. The location is in a remote area of Scotland which the majority of people visiting will be living far away from, making digital marketing a necessity for NC500 Pods increasing awareness of their business and subsequently growth.

NC500 Pods Xune Case Study
NC500 Pods Keywords Xune Case Study

SEO Strategies

SEO is an important part of marketing as it allows us to maximise the number of people who will stumble across a website through search engines. Search engines such as Google are used by millions of people around the world, so SEO is an important part of digital marketing to consider.

NC500 Pods needed their website to rank higher on Google in order to achieve more organic traffic and growth. We used SEO strategies including keyword research in order to assist NC500 Pods with increasing their search engine traffic which has since led to many more people visiting their website.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is also important for driving organic traffic to a particular website. People need an incentive to visit a website, and by including content on your website such as articles, videos, photos and information, you are more likely to gain traffic from people who wouldn’t have visited your website beforehand. 

We created a lot of content for NC500 Pods, and with implementing SEO strategies to the content also, they now receive more traffic from people who wouldn’t have been on their website otherwise, which has had a positive impact on growth and prosperity.

NC500 Pods Case Study Xune


Digital Marketing is becoming more and more essential for the growth and survival of your business. It is necessary to drive traffic to your business and grow it online. Due to our SEO strategies and extensive content marketing, NC500 Pods were able to rank higher on the search engine result’s page. This has elevated valuable traffic to their website, leading to an increase in the bookings of their glamping pods.

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