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The Next Big Thing in Growth Marketing

Growth marketing

Digital Marketing is an industry that adapts and changes very quickly. Due to the fast-moving nature of the internet, growth marketing continues to change depending on the environment of the internet. For example: since email marketing, there has been a big change in the way that people use growth marketing.

For growth, there are many different avenues that you can go down. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a good example, continuing today to be a factor in growth for many different websites. Another example would be advertising, which has always been a staple in general marketing for decades.

However, we are always looking for trends that are going to take the limelight in the future, and there is one that sticks in our mind: Email Automation. 

What is Email Automation?

If you are not familiar with Email Marketing, it is focusing on emails as a means of gaining/keeping customers. It works well as it familiarises customers with your brand and keeps your company in their brain, which is always a good thing in growth marketing. 

It has been around for a while now, but is taking off in a new way, as there is now a range of different software available to automate your emails. This is called Email Automation and means that you can create your own email systems that automatically send them to customers (or whomever has signed their email up) and depending on certain factors (if they open/ignore the email, if they clicked the link attached etc) it can send specific emails to cater to how interested they seem in your business. 

This is a great way of growth marketing and growing your business online, but how effective really is it? Here are some of the benefits that we have found in Email Automation.

email automation

Extending Customer Value

When a customer has an interaction with your website, whether that be downloading something, or purchasing something, they typically have to enter their email address in order to receive it. This means that, once you’ve been given their email address, you can then add them to an automation so they can keep receiving emails from you, without you having to individually send them to customers.

This is a great way to keep your brand in customers’ heads, but also to remind them that you’re thinking about them, and that they should visit your website again. If you are building an eCommerce website, or any website where customer loyalty is important, then this is a strong argument for you to get involved with email automation.

Nurture Prospects Into Qualified Leads

Sometimes, websites have an option to enter your email address as soon as you visit the website. Whether it be for a newsletter, or just an option that people can take, it is an opportunity for you to turn those people into leads. This is great as it allows you to turn people who may not have been too interested into qualified leads through the use of automations and quality, well-written emails.

Sending emails such as newsletters, reminders, and offers can lead to people who weren’t initially too interested to be more involved and attentive to your business. For eCommerce, this is one of the easiest ways to nurture prospects and has been shown to work for a range of different businesses

Email Automations is a Great Opportunity

If you own a business or a website, and have not started utilising Email Automations yet, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to bring more attention to your business and potentially bring more leads to your business. For people who struggle with keeping people loyal to their company, Email Automations can help with this immensely. 

The automations makes sending out emails to potential customers very easy, and being able to re-use automations makes the whole process a breeze. Any business should definitely look out for Email Automation in the future, as it will definitely be an essential part of growth marketing within the next few years.

Are You Ready to Get Involved?

It’s a no brainer that Email Marketing is something that you should get involved with. From a business standpoint, it is easy, reliable, and can either keep customers/leads staying loyal to you, or bring new ones to the table. 

There are many different Email Marketing platforms that can help you with your growth. [email protected] by Xune Solutions can certainly help you with your Email Marketing, with a range of different features being available that no other platform will offer. It is easy to use, and will have an impact on your business for sure.

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