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Company: Glampitect
Industry: Glamping Business StartUp Consultants

Glampitect’s remit was a simple one. To go from zero to hero in as short a space of time possible. They had the ambition and funding to back it up, but not the technical know-how,. That’s where we came in, with a website build focussed on one thing only. To direct their visitors to the best conversion point for them, in as few clicks as possible.

Almost 500 leads per month tell its own story. And those leads fuel a full-time sales force (hired with the sole purpose of handling all the leads the website sends them).


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Glampitect Above the fold
  • A strong and bold tagline immediately leaves the visitot in no doubt as to what Glampitect do, and how they can help.

  • An instructional ‘Call-to-Action’ tells the visitor what their next steps are, and the industry standard ‘triangle’ pattern of the text above draws the eye to the bottom middle of the page.

  • The heading doesn’t take up too much space and is instructional in it’s wording as to leave no ambiguity as to what the visitor will find if they click on each one.

The ‘above-the-fold’ area of Glampitect is designed to minimise distractions and focus the website visitor on the most important actions they can take on the website.

  • Four of Glampitect’s many services are highlighted with subtle accent colours and strong copywriting to reinforce the benefits of each one. Thier destination? A high converting landing page of course!

  • Leaning into industry expertise through written prose, while pulling out the main USP’s (unique selling points) in bullet point format allow skim readers + those who want to read each and every word twice to come away with no doubt that Glampitect lead their field.

  • Double CTA’s side by side offer an option of taking immediate action to learn more, or to view a promotional video to get the gist, without having to read ‘War and Peace’. It’s a dynamite combination.

Below the fold we introduced sutble transition elements on scroll in order to draw attention to key elements on the page without distracting too much from the simplicity of the design. Accent colours are used to highlight interactable elements providing sub-conscious calls to action without needing to add boxes everywhere.

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