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Automated Email Marketing for Dentistry

“Actually, I’d rather go to the dentist.” Said noone ever! Getting patients back into your chair for their checkups and hygienist visits can feel like pulling teeth. 

When automated email marketing is applied to dentistry all your reminders, prompts for checkups and your cross-sells for additional services are placed on auto-pilot. If your receptionists are still sending a lot of manual emails you’ll not only see a revenue increase, but save on their time too.

Yeah sure, we’re used to working with clients who know they need to get better at email marketing but would rather keep their focus in their chosen field, after all it’s where you do your best work.

Our onboarding process is extremely comprehensive, and we perform the initial setup of the platform (fill it with templates and the like). We also offer unlimited support and training to all our clients.

We also offer a concierge onboarding service, where we fully setup your automations on your behalf and provide you with an email marketing roadmap for you to follow once you take over the reins.

Not gonna lie to you, it can sometimes get a little tricky when dealing with a monster campaign with multiple conversion funnels in place. Bear with us as we try and explain.

With automated email marketing, each email is pre-written then placed in a sequence, with branching logic used to determine what actions to take next.

You can do things like sending a summary email of all your additional services, then following up with another email with more info to those who click. But the real magic is that each person only receives an email related to the services they clicked on!

There’s loads of possibility, however, we recommend all our clients start with the quick wins (don’t worry, we’ll help you identify these) and we’ve created simple automation templates meaning all you have to do is copy your emails into place.

You’re in the right place – the background of the two company directors before becoming digital marketers was in training digital marketing skills to business owners.

In short, we got you.

Each of our clients gets a full onboarding and software tutorial. We’re always on hand to ask questions and accept an unlimited amount of request. Understand that no question is too small and you will never “be that person” who contacts us too much.

And for those that want it, we also offer full digital marketing campaigns, created and delivered for you!

There’s only so much we can do with a simple calculator. Before your demo we’ll check your website, get a feel for your service offering and crunch the numbers using over 5 years of digital marketing experience to present to you your full revenue increasing opportunity.

Occasionally, we may need a bit more information in which case we’ll contact you.

During the demo, we’ll show you how easy it is to use and customise the platform to grow your dental practise.

The choice is yours, and probably depends on what stage of your business you’re at.

New practises tend to be scrappier, lean and more agile. They more often than not just want the software and pointing in the right direction.

Whereas, established companies looking for proven and attributable scale will often ask us to run the account, as an alternative to hiring an in-house marketer.

We price our tiers based on contacts and do pay-gate some of our fancier machine learning elements.

So while it does heavily depend on your requirements, for smaller budgets we have Lite software only plans which scale from £49 p/m to £399 p/m.

And for established companies who want all the bells and whistles with much higher contact tiers a software only plan may average between £199 p/m and £699 p/m.

By using the form on this page to get your full report, it will enable us to present you with a more accurate price banding.

Xune is first a foremost a growth agency. That means we operate as a one-stop shop for our clients who are looking to scale and grow online.


  • We build spectacular websites
  • We write well researched content
  • We build high converting funnels
  • We get our clients more traffic online

To discuss your requirements further simply reach out to us here to us and tell us how we can help.

Claim your free concierge onboarding

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If you’re already set on the power of automated email marketing, we can get you up and running by working directly with you to create your first sets of automations.

Fill out the form and we’ll contact you to discuss finding your ideal plan to help you scale and grow.

Xune Automated Email Marketing
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