Case Study - PPF Servicing

PPF Servicing are a client that required our web design skills in order to revamp their business. PPF was in need of significant changes to their website’s design.  We revamped their website in order to attract new customers and promote their services.

Being a manufacturing client offering swimming pool related services, we wanted their website design to represent what they believe in, and to show customers more about their company.

PPF servicing web design case study
PPF servicing Website Design Xune Case Study
New Website

Layout and Formatting

On the client’s previous website, their pages featured only text. The website lacked depth and engagement factors that many people use for their websites in the modern era of the internet.

It has since been transformed into a column-based layout. This means that each page uses up the entire page rather than just for text. This has led to the website becoming a lot more engaging and easy on the eye compared to beforehand, which has significantly increased the traffic/impressions that the website receives.

Colour and Modernisation

The old website lacked colour and animation, both of which can be important factors in engaging customers and making the website more appealing for people to visit. A website that looks good validates the business for the customer, making it easier to convert leads into customers.

For the redesign, the website was made given a lot more colour and further represented the branding. This modernised their website, creating a much more engaging platform that successfully boosted the traffic and time spent on the website by visitors. All this is continuing to help PPF get their services across to the people who need them.

PPF servicing website design case study Xune


By outsourcing a full-service eCommerce agency to complete their website design, PPF has changed their business for the better. At Xune we were able to transform their website completely and create a business that continuously attracts and engages the right customers.

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