Quick-Win: Using Analytics to find areas of improvement


Using tools like Google Analytics to gain a deeper understanding of your customer should really be a monthly task. In the ever-shifting world of eCommerce it pays to understand your customer at a level previously unheard of. Being there to answer common questions or gently guide using Impulse Factors. We’ll explore how to recognise an…

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7 Reasons why Shopify is worth it

Shopify is one of the biggest and leading giants in the E-Commerce world. From a template-based site builder offering cheap Shopify web designs to a powerful analytics tool. It is your one-stop E-Commerce platform providing just about everything you need to build and grow your web store. 7 Reasons To Use Shopify Easy to use…

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Why you should consider migrating from Magento to Shopify

Why Shopify is better than magento | Xune Solutions

While Magento stood among the most powerful CMS platforms not too long ago, there is a clear shift in its value. This is not because Magento is any less than what it used to be; rather, it is due to other platforms powering specific services, and they are more efficient and feasible for users. For…

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3 Platforms to Start your e-commerce Side Hustle

Money from Side Hustle

The internet has opened up pathways for anyone to earn additional income. There has been a dramatic shift away from people picking up extra work, over time and second jobs – now we have the side hustle.   Side Hustle is defined as earning money from something we do outside the 9-5, usually following a…

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How Startups can benefit from a Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset Business

The growth mindset has now become quite a buzzword in business, self development and financial success. It’s time to look at what it really means and what can be done to cultivate and nurture a growth mindset.   A growth mindset is relative to a ‘fixed mindset’ – this is described as a belief that…

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How To: Migrate a Website to Shopify

Man on laptop down top view migrating website to Shopify with Xune Solutions

First, there are a few things which need to be done with your present website prior to the move. Chiefly, obtain the full URL list of the old website so that all the links can be checked to see if they forward to the correct page. Keep in mind that your website structure is likely…

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Boosting Startup Productivity: G-Suite Collaboration in Docs

Xune Startup Tools - GSuite Productivity

How can G-Suite Support a Startup Productivity? As approved members of the G-Suite referral programme Xune Solutions is excited to share with new startups some of the productivity boosting features that can be unlocked with a G-Suite account. G-Suite allows businesses to collaborate and communicate more efficiently, using tools such as GMail, Hangouts, Forms and…

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Increasing Startup Productivity: Hangouts in G-Suite

Using G-Suite for Business Productivity

Boosting Workforce Productivity with Collaboration in G-Suite As approved members of the G-Suite referral programme Xune.Solutions are excited to share some of the productivity boosting features that can be unlocked with a G-Suite account. G-Suite allows businesses to collaborate and communicate more efficiently, using tools such as GMail, Hangouts, Forms and Sites to name a…

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Starting a New Business: Professional Email

Professional Email Set Up with G-Suite

How to Set Up a Professional Email When starting a new business there are always many things to think about. Email should definitely have high priority on the list. Having a strong brand, company personality and easy engagement with clients is vital to connecting online and increasing your general reach. Whether using your website to…

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Seamless Security on the Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 Device Security

The new Pixel 2 phone has many features to enjoy and is mindful of device security. Several settings are designed to keep your phone, your data and your personal information safe and secure.   As identity fraud online is increasing, with the majority of it starting online, personal data is valuable and no one can…

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How To: Transfer Phone Data to Pixel 2

Pixel 2 Google Set Up, How To Set Up Google 2

Google have released the brand new much anticipated Pixel 2 this week and I for one couldn’t be happier. It is a thing of beauty. A sleek unboastful appearance with some meaty power behind it. Setting up the Pixel 2 The magic starts from the first touch. Unboxing generates just enough excitement as items are…

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3 Things Every Online Entrepreneur Should Keep in Mind

Business mindset

It’s easy to see the golden opportunity that selling online brings through a kind of tunnel vision. You want to reach the goal so strongly that it can be easy to lose sight of the periphery. It’s at these edges of the road that potential pitfalls may present themselves, to varying degrees of detriment. The…

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How To: Add Google Analytics to EKM

Setting up Google Analytics on EKM eCommerce

Just like any other website, Analytics is essential, EKM is no different. The Feature Manager section is the plugin section of other website building platforms. For EKM this is where you can download the ‘Google Tools’ feature which removes the need to go into the <head> section of the website source code to paste the…

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How To: Setup Shipping & Payment Gateways on EKM

Setting Up Shipping and Payment Gateway on EKM

On EKM, things are setup to get you selling as quickly as possible. Transferring your domain and setting up shipping is no different.  3 key things to get your store connected and ready to accept your first sale: Domain setup Payment Gateway Delivery Setting Up Your Domain It all starts in the Settings section: Go…

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