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EKM: How To Setup Your Domain, Shipping & Payment Gateways

setting up ekm domains

In this feature highlight on EKM, we’ll look at the various payment options available on EKM the British eCommerce company who pride themselves on giving you everything out of he box in order to make things as simple as possible for you to start driving sales.

In terms of the technical checklist of key things which you need to get setup on your new store there’s only really 3 things to remember:

  • Domain Setup – adding your website name
  • Payment Gateway – so your customers can pay you
  • Delivery Settings – the shipping options which you offer to your customers
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Setting Up Your Domain

It all starts in the Settings section:

  1. Go to Domain Name in the Settings Section
  2. If you already have a domain name then click ‘Use Existing Domain’ and it will give further options on whether this domain presently has a site on it or not.
  3. If there is not a site on the domain you are transferring it is a relatively straight forward process of changing the A Record in the DNS settings of the host server.* GoDaddy for example make it very easy to edit the DNS settings and set this up.
  4. If you don’t have a domain name but would like a unique one for your business, EKM have a portal to search and purchase domain names, alternatively you can use GoDaddy to see if your preferred web address is available and purchase it there.

Within about 20 mins of this being done, the site should be live at the chosen domain – thank you EKM, that is nice and easy!

If you need any assistance with any of this then do feel free to reach out to us and we can help you get started.

Payment Gateway Setup

  1.  Go to Payments section in Settings

  2. EKM use Klarna as the primary method, Paypal and Amazon Payments, Barclay card and Worldpay can also be used if you prefer, along with a handful of other lesser known payment gateways. It’s worth checking all the rates before deciding which one is best for your company, but as a good rule of thumb, PayPal is a solid choice which most consumers are happy with using.

  3. There may be a 24 hour verification period before it’s fully functional but that just leaves more time to complete other essential tasks.

With many payment methods there isn’t a huge variety between them except in commission taken for handling the payment, there can be quite big differences so do your research before opting for a lesser known company to handle your website payments.

Delivery and Shipping Options

ecommerce dropshipping
  1. You can apply your own shipping settings based how you are choosing to courier your products to your customers.
  2. Within a few minutes the shipping options can be set up – it’s good to have several options available to the consumer
  3. This is also where a decision is made about where you will ship to and how you will ship some considerations could include: free delivery for high value orders, next day delivery, delivery outside the UK/Europe.
  4. There isn’t a limit so far on shipping options so the hard work inputting options here means that the consumer will have a smooth, easy to navigate checking out process.

Shipping is worth spending a bit of time on. Depending on how you hold your stock, whether at home initially, in a warehouse, using drop shipping or using other sales funnels variations such as drop shipping your own branded products. Shipping options can be a significant determining factor for clients conversion. Do you have the margin to offer them free shipping?

With these ticked off the selling can begin! EKM is a solid choice to host your eCommerce website. And, in reality should be considered on a par with Shopify. Xune are officialy partners of both companies and can help you to get started or successfully migrate your eCommerce website from the more clunky Magento and less scalable WordPress + WooCommerce.


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