Shopify 2.0 Website Design

Your new store will be lightning-fast, have a modern mobile-first approach. With over £750 per month of features, already baked in.

Do you need a New Build or ReDesign?

New Builds give you everything you need to hit the ground running with your eCommerce business. While ReDesigns put a fresh look on a tired website design.

£ £3,000 one off
Shopify Website 2.0 - New Build

Shopify Website 2.0 - New Build

We give you a fully setup, high performing Shopify e-commerce store. All you need to do is enter the products and start selling.
  • 1 Premium Shopify Website
  • Choice of up to 4 Proven Conversion Factors
  • A Shoppable Instagram like Lookbook
  • Blazing fast site speed
  • Fast 2 Week Build Time
£ £3,000 one off
Shopify Website 2.0 - ReDesign

Shopify Website 2.0 - ReDesign

We will completely redesign your existing eCommerce website to take full advantage of Shopify 2.0, while keeping your data intact.
  • Everything From New Build Plus
  • Optimised Product Categorisation
  • Third Party Shopify App Audit
  • LIVE Deployment With No Downtime
  • Fast 3 Week Build Time
Bring your eCommerce store to life.

What you get with a Xune Shopify Website Build

Mobile First Design

Optimised Store Layout

Conversion Focussed Design

Professional Setup

Shoppable Lookbook

Marketing Support

Shopify 2.0 - The New STandard Of eCommerce

Modern - Fast - Conversion Focussed - Mobile Optimised

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Our first deployment of an eCommerce website using the new Shopify 2.0 architecture. And, it's a joy to behold. It experienced a 20% increase in sales month on month after deployment!

Essential Wellness

Orthopaedic Supports


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Let's address some questions you may have

Put simply, Shopify 2.0 is a new update recently released by Shopify which unshackles Shopify Designers like us to quickly deploy high converting websites in a rapid amount of time.

Builds which in the past were taking 2 months now take 2 weeks.

What’s more, our method of deployment actually bakes into the coding some of the most popular and most used apps available for purchase, saving you over £750 per month in ongoing app subscription costs.

Shopify has long been the market leader in deploying cookie cutter eCommerce websites, making it fast and easy to do so. The downsides to the platform is that it made it too easy and too restrictive – which led to many agencies recommending alternatives such as WooCommerce.

Add to that the thriving app marketplace where you need to pay for additional features to improve your website effectiveness. The addition of each one has an impact not only on your wallet, but the speed of your website also.

Shopify 2.0 changes all that!

In the event you are not already on Shopify, you may proceed with purchasing the ReDesign option. Let us know as we conduct your onboarding with us.

Note: in rare cases where extensive recategorisation is needed, there may be an additional surcharge.

No, it does not. However, if you provide us with a correctly formatted product upload spreadsheet then we would be more than happy to deploy it for you.

We provide training on filling in the product upload spreadsheet as well as manual product uplooad, which is ideal when you are selling less than 25 items.

Of course there are times we deliver a project and there are things which need changing. These can be fixed and you get 3 revisions in which to do so. 

Please note that not all things are possible still on Shopify 2.0 even if it is a massive leap forward.

Just like on Instagram ads where people can shop your products from within a lifestyle image. We can now do the same for you.

Great for fashion, beauty or any brand who has strong lifestyle images.

Once your website is LIVE you are free to see just how far you can take it.

We also offer a range of marketing services which you can buy to give you a helping hand.

The thing which is often unsaid by companies wishing to sell websites is the ongoing costs. We are transparant with you upfront.

Shopify plans start from £25 p/m (we will recommed the best plan for you).

The theme licensing costs are £181 per year.

On top of that, most Shopify stores then need 10 to 20 additional apps to bring new funcationality to the store. Your store comes complete with many of those apps already baked in.

If you have an existing website, we’ll conduct an app audit to suggest improvements and optimisations to your supporting techstack.

Your New Shopify 2.0 Website is only 2 weeks away.

Are you excited to see the results? Place your deposit today and we’ll get started tomorrow!