Case Study - Shumaker

Shumaker were one of the first companies we worked with, making them an important client for our digital marketing agency. We have been marketing their business for a while now, especially regarding their website, in which we have made many changes in order to optimise their business and allow them to reach more customers/leads online. 

Here are some of the changes that we made to the Shumaker website to boost the conversion rate in order to gain more customers and leads for their business.

Shumaker case study

Website Optimisation

Being an online shoe retailer, we wanted their website to be developed perfectly for people who are interested in shoes and fashion. This required us to make multiple changes in order to gain more visitors and traffic from the right people, who will subsequently fall down the conversion funnel. Through product description and organisational changes, we were able to create a website with an excellent user experience.

Shumaker website optimisation
Shumaker Shoe Product
Shumaker Product Description SEO

Product Descriptions (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is an essential part of online marketing. It allows us to get our clients ranking higher on the search engine results pages, which then increases their organic traffic and boosts the visibility of their website.

One of the ways we did this for Shumaker was through product descriptions. The descriptions that were on the website beforehand were pulled from the original shoe manufacturer. This means that the content that was written was not unique and therefore, did not rank well on search engines for the particular keywords used.

We re-wrote the entire product description list in order to rank higher for particular products on search engines. We began to see our success after a few months, when many of the products began ranking higher on Google than before, bringing in more visitors and traffic who subsequently converted into customers.

Tagging & Organisation

We wanted the Shumaker website to be more organised, in order to make the user experience more enjoyable and change the way that people see the Shumaker experience. We did this by using a method called tagging.

This has been implemented in more ways than one. For example, we used tagging to organise the products for people to have better access to them. This has improved the conversion funnel and has made it easier for potential customers to find the products that they want and to get them.

We also used tagging for the articles that are present on Shumaker, in order to group them into clusters and to give the user a better experience when finding the information that they need.

Essential Wellness Conversion Rate Optimisation Case Study


Through outsourcing their marketing to an agency, Shumaker has grown their business and has improved their online presence immensely. By making changes to their website and business strategy, we have allowed more people to find Shumaker therefore giving them more customers for potential purchase.

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