Case Study - Simple To Store

Simple To Store is a business we have had the pleasure of working with for a long time, alongside working with their sister-company Andrew’s Removals. We have implemented similar marketing strategies for both of these companies, focusing on bringing in more traffic and visitors to their website and converting them into leads and customers.

Being a storage service, we had wanted to focus on bringing them the right customers at the right time. We wanted to ensure the people who are genuinely interested in their service and were seeing and considering Simple To Store. With our clever marketing strategies, we were able to do this, making a success of Simple To Store.

Simple To Store Growth Marketing Case Study Xune
Simple To Store Growth Marketing Case Study Xune

Social Media Campaign

For Simple To Store, we implemented a variety of techniques in order to bring in more visitors and traffic to their website. One of which was a social media campaign. We created an evergreen automation that automatically posts relevant content in order to interact with visitors of their social media page. This was successful at bringing in new visitors and valuable traffic to their website.

The posts were written by our in-house content creation team who provide us with the very best content for our clients in order to assist our marketing strategies. With a great idea of what is needed, the posts were written with quality in mind for Simple To Store to appear in the positive light that they do.

Website Redesign

We also focused on updating their website, transforming it into a modern, high-quality website made specifically for converting visitors and leads. With a smart website that now includes all the features a modern website should have, Simple To Store have increased their conversion rate, successfully increasing their revenue and business status.

With design features such as animations, we were able to create a website with an interactive layout and put a focus on the visual aesthetic of their website. The Simple To Store website has now been revamped into an excellent, modern example of a quality website.


Web Design Simple To Store Growth Marketing Case Study


Simple To Store is just one example of our ability to bring a business to the limelight. We have an excellent marketing team who provide the best services to individuals and businesses alike who want to increase their traffic and visibility online, but also want to increase their conversion rate and improve their skill at winning over customers. Using this team, we have been able to do exactly that for Simple To Store.

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