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Slow Loading Sites Can Kill eCommerce

Slow Loading Sites Can Kill eCommerce

Our company has invested time and capital to ensure that your eCommerce website has both appealing content and vivid, attention-getting graphics, and you expect your store to be successful. All of that work you put into your site will be for nought if it doesn’t load swiftly enough. In an age where user attention spans are measured in single-digit seconds, load time must be blindingly fast.

Recent studies reflect that almost half of all internet users expect a site to load in no longer than two to three seconds. Another study which backs the two-second user attention span showed that over half of internet users would leave a site if it takes just three seconds to load. Not only will your eCommerce sales struggle to meet your needs to gain profit from the cost of eCommerce start up, if your website is slow; most customers will not come back to your company’s store if they leave due to dragging load speeds.

Slow load times can be deadly to any company, much more so if the company’s primary business is eCommerce. When a potential customer visits a site to buy a product, they expect that it will be an immediate and uncomplicated transaction. When your company sells a product available through digital downloads, they expect the download to be instant, no less than that.


Inconsistency Means Lost Revenue

Reducing load times means you customers can get what they want faster, but If you only improve the load time on the site’s homepage, but have failed to do so with the product pages, it is as equally frustrating to users. It is quite certain that when a customer waits five seconds for your company’s product page to load, they will leave. Why is a higher bounce rate a problem aside from losing a sale or two? Google interprets when a user bounces as an indication that your content isn’t exactly what it is supposed to be, or that it is altogether rubbish. Your subsequent search engine return page (SERP) rank with Google will plummet. If this scenario is played out again, and again it will lead to your website will have fewer visits and even fewer conversions. A low SERP rank not only impacts your bottom line and eCommerce profit but hinders your branding efforts as well.


Be Faster

How do you improve your site speed? Here are a few ideas about how to improve your site’s speed, which will, in turn, increase your conversions.


Are You too Slow?

So there is no question about your load times, you need to test your site to determine exactly how fast (or not quite so fast) it loads. Several websites let you test your site’s speed, such as Google Pagespeed Insights, GTmetrix and Pingdom, which all will analyze your speed and report their findings. If the results state that your company’s site is dragging, you can then take action.


The Big Picture

Images that are too large and long video files can slow down a website significantly. Once you have downsized the image and video files, your webpage can load much faster. If you want to use an image, but it is too large, then tools such as squoosh will reduce how much space an image takes up.


Don’t go on About Yourself

If a customer is interested in a particular product you sell and wants to know more about it, don’t include every fact about your company; this will involve too many image files and slower load times. The entire practice may be a waste as the customer may not even scroll down to view the other images that pre-loaded. As an alternative, employ a web design strategy known as lazy-loading. The strategy will reduce loading resources by delivering only the images and text which your customer needs. WordPress has lazy loading tools like Infinite Scroll, which will only load content as the customer scrolls down the page.



Remember site hosts with slower load times and high downtime are absolute killers to eCommerce. Be sure to avoid shared and discount sites that typically are the slowest loading site-hosts.

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