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Speed Testing: How to Optimise Your Website

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Congratulations! You have created your website. Now what? 

The site is published and you may be starting to get some traffic, but not as much as expected. There are many reasons why this could be, one of them being the speed.

“But my website IS fast. It is made using the newest web builder” which could seem true and may seem fast to you but many do not realise how important speed really is to a visitor. Our minds have been conditioned to expect the speediest and fastest response times from the internet. Websites such as Google load almost instantly. Why does yours take longer?

This is where the importance of speed testing comes into play.


What is Speed Testing?

Speed Testing is simply the process of running your website through an online test. There are multiple different platforms in which this is possible, but we recommend Google PageSpeed Insights (our standard option). If you are looking for a more in-depth approach then GTMetrix is a solid testing site.

Speed testing screenshot with page speed insights

Entering the link to your website will then prompt Google to analyse your site, taking around 1-2 minutes.

You will be given a Speed Ranking, which is a score of how fast your website is comparatively to other sites. This score is important, as it shows to you how long it takes for your website to load.

Your score may initially be low, but Google gives you many different reasons, in the diagnostics tab, as to why it is low and how you can improve it. For example: images uploaded to the website may be too large of a size. This can impact the loading time for a website drastically and to change them to smaller size images can significantly improve the time.


Why should I speed test, and what are the benefits?

Search engines, such as Google, count speed as one of the main factors in ranking websites. Meaning if your site has a low speed, it will display lower on the search. Search engines are vital in gaining traffic to your website and if you have not optimised your site for search engines the best you possibly can, then another website will take your place.

As we all desire a speedy performance, we want our visitors to experience that too. According to 2018 research by Google, 53% of mobile users leave a site that takes longer than three seconds to load. Having a slower website can give the impression that your site is not as formidable, and genuine, as other websites. We value speed.

Speed testing is an important task that many web developers ignore, losing out on key growth and traffic. 

Do not miss out on speed testing, as it can significantly drive your website to the growth that is needed.


What is the best website to speed-test and what if my speed is already fast?

We personally recommend Google’s own PageSpeed Insights as it is the easiest to navigate and provides detailed information on how you can improve the speed of your website.

As for the speed of your website, if you already have a fast speed and are still struggling with gaining traffic and growth, then have a look around at our website. We are a growth marketing company specializing in developing strong customer-bases for websites.

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