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Tactics for Building an eCommerce Website from Offline Sales

Tactics for Building an eCommerce Website from Offline Sales

If you own a physical shop that is on the high street or an out-of-town location then you have the chance to take advantage of eCommerce for high street shops. You already own a business and have a physical property and that means that the foundations of an e-commerce website are already there.

Even if your physical store is a success, the chances are that it is limited to its geographical area and that means that its influence will only reach so far. However, if you want to grow your business, then you need to understand how to add an eCommerce website to a physical shop. If you do this, you can grow your business to new levels while still serving your local, loyal customers.

So, if you want to grow your business, you need to shift your focus and change showroom sales to e-commerce sales but how do you achieve this?


Create a Website and Make use of your Physical Location

Many eCommerce businesses need a facility to store their items but you already have a physical shop and so, you already have a place where your stock can be stored. So, once you create an eCommerce website which you could do using a website builder such as Shopify, your customers can browse your items and purchase online and you already have the infrastructure in place where you can cope with the sourcing and storing your products. Essentially, your shop works in the same way as a warehouse and at first, your eCommerce business can supplement your physical store with the aim of it eventually taking over when it comes to sales figures and profits.


A Physical Location Encourages Trust

Anyone purchasing online has to carry out research about the company they are purchasing from, especially if they are just an online business. However, if you have a bricks and mortar shop, then you can leverage this physical location and use it to improve and grow trust. When customers know that you have a place that they could even visit if they ever need to, this will give them the belief that you are a trusted online retailer.


Consider the Logistics

Once you become an online retailer, in time, you could be handling a significant number of orders per day. While this is great news, this will prove to be challenging, so make sure that you extend shipping times so you can arrange a courier or even take items to the post office. This is not a problem but something that you will need to consider.


Focus on Growing your Online Business

As touched upon already, your physical shop will only reach a certain audience. When you move your business online, you can reach the entire world and that means increased profits and sales. To get to this point, you can choose to use some of the profits from your offline sales to fund the online business and expand it. Growing your online business will take money but because you already have a high street store, you have a flow of income that you can use to grow your business. Along with this, we are all well aware of how much the high street is declining and so, it would be a great move for you to future-proof your business by moving it online.

As part of your online growth plan, you can offer customers discounts and many other promotions that will entice them into purchasing with you online.

As a physical shop owner, now is the time to consider the future of your business by creating an e-commerce website and scaling your business up so that it has an online presence. This is a great way to utilise the finances that you already have along with your premises which can help you to keep on top of stock for online orders.

If you want to focus on growing your physical business by moving online, you should make use of the services of an e-commerce agency. They will help you to continue to run your business while taking care of getting your new online store up and running.


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