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The Benefits of Nurturing Existing Customers & How You Can Do It Effectively

The Benefits of Nurturing Existing Customers & How You Can Do It Effectively

You probably agree, no one wants to lose customers. Each customer is a company asset and you’ve invested in researching and developing your ideal customer persona. It’s easy to overlook the business resources that have won that customer. Whether it was through marketing, paid advertising, your sales team or all three – once won, customer loyalty is your next priority. If you aren’t retaining your customers, then you could be losing out on potential revenue. Do you know whether it’s because your product or brand has not met their expectations, or could it be that your competitors have won repeat custom instead?.

There are numerous ways to get traffic to your website, and your marketing team will be working hard to help new people find your brand and become customers. The goal of keeping those customers long term can be a challenge for many businesses. 

Having customers that frequently buy your products is important, not only to your company but also for the customers themselves. You’ve shown them that you are the best brand to meet their needs and solve their problems (with your products and services). The hard part of gaining trust and credibility in your customer’s eyes has already been done. 

This is great, but how can you nurture your customers to grow with you long term?

In this blog, we will explain the advantages of nurturing existing customers and how you can do this with ease.


What Are the Benefits of Nurturing Existing Customers?

One main benefit would be the prospect of having a loyal customer base. New customers are important for growth, but for guaranteed revenue, a loyal customer base is essential. To have customers that engage with your brand frequently is a positive reflection of your company and it’s future success. 

Just as losing customers is always a difficult thing to manage, having that support from a loyal consumer-base can help keep your brand afloat. 

Another benefit would be the fact that whenever you bring out a new product, you have a community of people ready and eager to hear about it and likely to buy it. Keeping in regular touch with your audience and existing customers means they feel like they are ‘in the loop’ with brand updates and are more likely to feel excited by new products than people who don’t know your brand at all. 

This is important if you typically struggle with getting purchases when new products are released. It could be the push you needed for your product to grow. The good news is that you don’t need to start each product launch from scratch if your brand already has an engaged following.

If you are looking for business growth in 2020, think about the nurturing campaigns that other companies have done well. . The majority of big corporations cater to their customers and nurture them to keep their eyes wandering to a competitor. This might be reflected in more ways than just sales – If you take another company, Virgin Media for example, they frequently rank as one of the worst companies for customer service.

Aside from the quality of the product, customer service can make or break a company. BT, a competitor to Virgin Media, offers public WIFI and cloud storage. This appeals to the customer and with gestures like this, it has lead to BT having the highest market share in the internet service provider industry.


How Can You Nurture Existing Customers Effectively?


Email Marketing

Communicating with your existing customers by email is a great way to keep in touch more directly. You can tailor emails to be specific (to their past purchases) or to make announcements (about new products). Be friendly and open so the message that you are giving seems genuine and positive. Send new product information, free discounts and blog updates to engage customers and keep them informed – it’s more important to be helpful than sales-y. A pushy sales style will quickly get your emails marked as ‘spam’. 

Nurturing Existing Customers

Email marketing is the first choice when it comes to getting in touch with customers who haven’t bought from you in some time. Think about how you can reactivate customers that haven’t shopped with for you some time – email automation is a great way to do this. 


Social Media

Another way to nurture existing customers is to be active social media. This means updating your pages, posting regularly on all platforms and interacting with customers. By replying to comments and liking posts that may include or mention your products or brand you are creating relationships with your customers who will feel their effort is validated. If customers feel like they have a relationship with the brand they are more likely to think of you again when they need to shop. 

 You may feel like keeping up with ever-changing social media is a challenge – and we can help with that. If you are looking to manage everything in-house then remember our top tips for growing a social media platform and keep things consistent. 


Nurturing Existing Customers


Loyalty and Reward Programmes

A great way to keep customers engaging with your brand is to start a Customer Loyalty scheme.

This can be done in numerous different ways but a popular way to start is to offer a points-based system. Every time a customer buys one of your products, you reward them with a certain number of “points”. The customer can save these points and redeem them to buy gifts, get discounts or share ‘exclusive’ offers with friends and family. 

We can’t get enough of engaging with customers Loyalty Programs are one of the best ways to engage with customers as it gives you a genuine reason to keep in touch. 

Mixing in a bit of what we’ve mentioned above, you can remind your customers of their Loyalty Program through the use of email marketing and social media, a win-win situation!


What’s best for nurturing customers long term?

We’re just scratching the surface with marketing options to nurture your customers, keep in touch, be useful and stay top-of-mind when they need you. We’d recommend taking a look at where you’re starting from and making a plan on how to grow revenue through return customers. It all starts with your business goals and how you solve problems for your customers. 

Nurturing Existing Customers


What else can I do to Keep my Customers Engaged?

From a business perspective, there are so many different reasons as to why your customers may not be sticking with your business long-term.

Website design, search engine optimization and the speed of your site are all very important factors as to why people may not be staying long.

At Xune, we are a Digital Marketing Agency specializing in increasing traffic and growth to different online businesses. We offer the best services in keeping customers engaged. 

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