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The Best Shopify Starter Apps for Every Store

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Shopify has become one of the leading options for building an ecommerce store. With it’s easy to use format and its ability to be compatible with almost any type of ecommerce store, it is clear why Shopify has become a leading avenue for businesses who are wanting to increase their growth by creating an ecommerce site

If you are wanting to really expand your businesses reach it is necessary to look into these apps below. These are the best apps for any business who is venturing into shopify and wants to boost their potential as an ecommerce store rapidly.

Order printer

order printer shopify app

A free, easy to use app where you can print and order your own invoices. Those who are wanting to establish a strong brand relationship with their buyers can also implement their branding on the printed materials. More experienced users can then create templates, ultimately making their ecommerce store more efficient for them and the buyers.

Plug in SEO

One way you can generate more traffic to your site is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While this task may seem overwhelming and confusing, this app makes this process much more manageable, especially for new starters within ecommerce. The app will troubleshoot and fix SEO problems within your shopify store in order to generate more traffic. This app is free, but, if you are wanting more services such as bulk editing there is a premium version which you can subscribe to.


oberlo shopify apps

This is great for established and new ecommerce businesses alike. This app allows you to browse a marketplace of products which you can import to your shopify store. Any products that are purchased are then dropshipped and directly sent to the customers. Saving you from packaging and posting. As well as this, there are many other benefits of dropshipping your products, this is an app you shouldn’t miss out on.

SEO image optimizer

If you are going to improve the SEO of your store, going all in and improving the SEO for your images is a no-brainer. The subscription version includes standard optimisation features which are seen in the free version, however the paid version can target keywords for your images and redirect URLs. This can save plenty of time which is beneficial for both large and small stores.

Product reviews

This app is an easy way to receive customer feedback on your products. Positive feedback and good reviews can encourage potential customers to buy your product. Feedback and review pages are almost considered a standard part of ecommerce stores which is why this app is a must have.

Form Builder

Seamlessly create easy to use forms without the need for coding. Create forms for customers to contact you, generate leads or create thank you messages.


Kit shopify app

Kit is a powerful tool to create conversion-friendly advertisements on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It can allow you to send SMS discount codes to Kit and create retargeting campaigns. It also provides quick-time reporting of your marketing, allowing you to improve your marketing efforts by seeing what is working best.

Free Shipping bar

Encourage your shoppers to convert with this app. Show your customers if they qualify for free shipping, as well as showing them supportive messages during their shopping experience in your store. 34% of online shoppers only make a purchase if there is free delivery, turn this to your advantage by targeting this group with the Free Shipping bar App.

There you have the initial apps you must have on Shopify if you are just starting up your ecommerce store. For those who are more advanced and established with the Shopify tool here is an extensive list of other apps available to boost your growth as an ecommerce store. 

If you are wanting to use apps on Shopify, but lack the expertise to manage them, here at Xune solutions we have a team of experts who are experienced in Shopify. We can help you with as much or as little as you would like. We are confident that your businesses growth will be safe in our hands, get in touch today.

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