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The Biggest Problem With Email Automation, And How You Can Fix It

problem with email automation

Email Automation is an important part of marketing that has transformed how we send and receive emails from businesses. As whenever we purchase something, sign up for a newsletter or enter our email address into a website, we usually receive emails from that brand with information, content or sale offers.

It is a great way of bringing awareness to your business, keeping existing customers in the pipeline and increasing sales on those who have already purchased. As the internet changes and marketing strategies are no longer relevant, keeping in touch with customers via email is the way to go and automation allows you to do so.


As email automation is a fairly new form of marketing, it was dismissed when it first arrived on the scene. Now it has been implemented by most large businesses and is a great way for smaller businesses to contact their past customers or other people who are interested.


In this article, we are going to go over the biggest problem with email automation and how you can fix it. Although email automation is an important part of marketing, there are parts that can become confusing and could be detrimental to the process. 

Generalisation With Email Automation

The biggest problem with email automation in our opinion is that many of the emails are generalised. Because of the large number of contacts or people, you will be sending emails to people that apply to everyone. From a marketing perspective, this is not as effective as marketing requires you to relate and communicate with particular groups.


There are a few ways that you can avoid being general in your automation emails, but it would require a bit more work. Here are some of the things that you can do to make your emails more effective with customers and leads:


This is a great way of making your emails sound a bit more human and can be very effective. Using personalisation such as stating their name can have a profound effect on the success of the emails. You can do this with most email marketing software, but you must collect their name into your database for it to work.


Segmentation is the process of segmenting your contacts into different groups. You can do this depending on the information you have on the customers, meaning you can send emails to particular groups of your contacts to make them more relevant to the person. This means you will need to write more emails, but the automation will be more successful than before.

Segmentation for email marketing strategy


With email automation software, you can create tags which can be used on your website. This means if you have a tag set for a particular page, the email can acknowledge this and show the person something relevant to that page (e.g. a product). This can increase the success of your email automation and the likelihood of a lead converting into a customer. 

The Best Email Automation Software For Your Business

We understand that email automation can be used for your business, and with the wide range of automation software available online, it can be difficult to decide on the right one for you and to know which is better for your business. Here at Xune Solutions, we have our in-house automation and email marketing software: [email protected]

If you haven’t already, take a look at our page for [email protected] for more information regarding the software and the benefits of email automation for your business. Taking advantage of marketing strategies early will result in a lot more success for your business.

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