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The Competitive Advantage of Automated Marketing

The Competitive Advantage of Automated Marketing

Businesses with a digital presence cannot underestimate the power of keeping up with digital marketing. It is no longer enough to simply have a website, even if it’s transactional, it won’t be enough to keep audiences engaged or guarantee a predictable growth in revenue. The good news is, business growth and revenue stability can be delivered by incorporating automation into your growth strategy.

We speak to many businesses who know they should be marketing, but with so many options available, they don’t know where to start. Should they spend on advertising or on social? Should they blog or email? Of course everything must start with a research based strategy and we recommend not spending on advertising until you have a proven buyer journey on your website that creates conversion.

There are even free ways to improve how your customers find you and how you build relationships with them, for example using Google My Business to create a listing for you company can increase your visibility in searches for your local service area.

All marketing can yield results if applied in the right way for your audience. However, if you are going to keep pace with your competitors, then automating certain marketing activities can take you to the next level.

Automation in its simplest form is using tools to set up automatic processes that can be triggered by certain touch points with your audience. There are many benefits from doing this and any sized businesses can begin to reap the rewards.


Broader and more accurate marketing campaigns

Using automation to enhance your marketing campaigns allows you to increase their scale. You could never manually match the number of emails which can be sent through an automated process. It also lets you tailor your campaigns for more personalised customer experience. Not only can you increase the scope of your campaign, but automation also sends emails based on customer behaviour.

When a customer undertakes a particular action, such as putting an item in their shopping cart or viewing a product page, it will trigger an email related to that action. Abandoned cart emails are shown to have up to 63% success rate in eCommerce. Service businesses can also make the most of following up with people who fill their forms or download a resource from their site. In this way, automation allows you to reach a broader base of potential customers, while at the same time zeroing in on likely customers.


Better data – intelligent marketing

Most of the automated marketing processes come with reporting capabilities. These metrics let you know what works in your marketing campaigns and what doesn’t. You can target areas where improvements need to be made and keep doing what works. The end result of the data returned on your marketing campaigns will be a more effective sales funnel.

A continual process of intelligence gathering and optimisations means that your marketing isn’t about mass producing marketing and sales communications with your database. You can see beyond the email sign ups to the people behind them. Being able to segment your mailing list by things like demographics and buying habits means you can actually show people information they want to see. Similarly, with your website content, automation allows you to implement a greater level of intelligence, displaying smart content to specific segments of your audience when they visit key action or conversion pages.


It frees up time and increases productivity

Your marketing team will have more time to focus on optimising for results rather than deliverables. Moving the focus from output to consequences and maximising revenue, not only that, delivering for your customers, delivering useful information in a timely way and building relationships.

Automation of your marketing lets your marketers focus on the impact tasks they were hired to perform and be more responsive to your customers needs. Tools that allow marketing automation, turns one great idea from your team into an actionable campaign. Automation turns a team of 1 or 2 into a company with the marketing capabilities of a 10 person team.


Increased conversion rates

When a customer has gone through the trouble to shop on your eCommerce site, having selected a product and placed into the shopping cart but abandoned it for some reason, reminders are an excellent way to see that process completed. An abandonment cart campaign to gently remind customers of the items in their cart will bring about an increase in completed sales and your company’s revenue.

Similarly for longer sales cycles, if you are selling something that is a considered purchase customers are likely to want more information than a simple product description. Setting up automation for relevant touch points in the sales cycle, even something as simple as emailing your sales rep to pick up the phone as a key contact or prospect has revisited the website. Or sending an email to keep in touch with leads you are nurturing over months or years.


Higher Customer Retention

Automated processes allow you to focus on long term growth through customer retention. Automation will enable you to send exclusive offers to loyal customers, give discounts, request feedback, and trigger a campaign to lure back customers who are no longer active.

Automated Marketing can increase your sales revenue and reduce staff-related expenditures by reassigning or cutting staff. Using all the available tools to automate your marketing will give you an edge over your competition.

If you have questions about automation and the ways they can be applied to your business then book in a call with us to see how you can get the competitive advantage in your industry. For further reading check out this blog on increasing your website conversion rates.


In Conclusion…

Scheduling and organisation tools such as Asana and HubSpot  can help you project manage your campaigns and reap higher levels of return for marketing efforts. But there are additional considerations, how do you deal with running an SEO campaign, while making sure a product offer is sent to everyone who signed up for email notifications? How do you know if those emails recipients are likely customers, and how can you find the time to focus on the ones who are? The good news is most of your marketing processes can be automated.

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