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The Email Automation Case Study You’ll Never Forget

email automation in action

Email Automation is an important part of modern growth marketing and is a marketing technique that many people use to promote and encourage growth for their business. As marketing evolves and the way we use the internet changes, we need to adapt our strategies for growth and automation plays a part in that. 


With email automation in action, you can build relationships and stay in contact with your leads and customers a lot easier than with traditional marketing strategies. This has led to a stronger customer base for businesses and has created a way of staying in touch with our potential leads and already established customers. Taking advantage of the wider email marketing strategies, automation has made this process a lot more efficient compared to email marketing beforehand. It’s perfect for smaller businesses.


Let’s discuss email automation in action with a case study you’ll never forget. Automation is growing in influence within the realm of digital marketing and it is important to understand it and what the benefits of using automation are before implementing a similar strategy to your own business. 

Email Automation in Action

Email Automation is the process of automating your email marketing strategy. There is now software specifically designed to automate how you send marketing emails to different leads and customers. A range of features are included with these software examples such as being able to create highly personalised emails in the theme editor.

Email Automation in Action

These features have allowed marketers to scale their email marketing to a whole new level, with automation giving people the ability to send engaging, clever emails without having to compromise on the size of contacts the email is sent to. 


We are going to go over a case study of how we manage the LD Nutrition email automation in action, and how we used automation, in general, to grow their business over the last couple of years.

LD Nutrition - How We Did It

We have worked with LD Nutrition over the past few years assisting them with areas of their marketing such as email and social media. Email marketing had been working for them, but we wanted to scale their process in order to grow the business further and reach a larger audience of potential leads and customers which could only be achieved through automation. 


From this, we worked on creating a variety of automation for LD Nutrition, with engaging and informative email content provided in order to nurture potential customers and promote important products to existing customers.

The Results for LD Nutrition

The result of implementing email automation for LD Nutrition was a huge success. In a short amount of time, email marketing went from a non-important channel of sales to one of the primary channels of communication between the customer and the business.


Although still a relatively small amount compared to the other channels of communication such as organic search, email marketing now accounts for five percent of LD Nutrition’s revenue, creating a lot more engagement than without using automation and providing the business with another channel for sales.

Email Automation with Xune Solutions

Whilst you’re here, why not learn more about email automation in action with Xune Solutions? We have email automation software designed specifically for growing your business through email and can guide you through the steps in order to create successful email automation.

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