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The Pros and Cons of Email Automation

Entrepreneur considering the Pros and Cons of Email Automation

Email Automation is an important part of Email Marketing. It is a process that many people have started to implement into their digital marketing strategy, and it has changed the way that companies get in touch with their customers. This had led to email automation becoming an essential part of marketing and business in general.

Many people use Email Automation to automate their email marketing process. This means, having emails already written and automatically sent to contacts or leads who are interested in your business. This can increase your revenue and profit without you even having to contact the person.


We have all seen examples of email automation in our inboxes, with businesses you buy from sending you frequent emails including vouchers, content and ways to get you back on their website. That is the process of email automation and it really works in nurturing leads and increasing your return on investment.


In this article, we are going to go over the pros and cons of email automation and why we believe it to be a beneficial aspect of digital marketing. There are pros and cons for everything, and it is best to understand them before diving straight into something new, especially with digital marketing. 

What Are The Pros?

There are many pros and cons to email automation, as with anything. Let’s go over some of the most important pros for you to get involved with automation and email marketing.


With Email Automation, most software will allow you to segment your contacts of emails. This means that you can split your contacts into different groups depending on their interest of the business, demographics etc. This is beneficial for nurturing leads and giving people the right piece of content at the right time. 


Email Automation is very affordable compared to other forms of email marketing with some packages being as cheap as £15. It is also low maintenance, meaning that after writing the particular emails and setting up the automation, you will not have to do much else. It is one of the best ways to market your business online if you are lacking finance and want to garner attention for your business.

Pros and Cons of Email Automation. Pro of being affordable

What Are The Cons?

With anything good, there are also cons that go with it. Here are some of the cons with email automation and how you can avoid them.

Risk of Spam

The problem with many email automation systems is that they are quite vague and generalised. This means that sometimes the emails may not be relevant and could end up in some spam folders. To avoid this, you could use personalisation (e.g. including the person’s name) in order to seem more genuine. 

Depersonalise Your Brand

Another problem with email automation, similar to spam, is that your brand can start to seem less human as it was before. If people are being bombarded with vague, generalised emails, it can turn them away from your business. To avoid this, make the emails engaging and focus on providing people with content that is relevant to them.

Email Automation Software From Xune Solutions

Email automation is a powerful tool, but without the right software to go with it, you could be lacking behind your competitors. Having a good email marketing strategy also is important to expand your business and to scale but without the right software to do it on, you could also be missing out on important features and benefits.


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