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Top 5 Resources to Accelerate Your eCommerce Expertise

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When you are running or working in an eCommerce business, you need to constantly improve in order to better yourself and your business. Consistently and regularly updating your knowledge, or revisiting things you’ve learnt in the past, can make a bigger difference than you might believe. Alternatively, you may be new to the world of eCommerce and need some resources to help you get started with your eCommerce journey. From creating your first website to polishing and perfecting your marketing strategy you need to have the knowledge to keep your eCommerce business going strong.


Blogs can be an excellent source of information. They’re almost always free to read and can provide an abundance of detailed and well set out information that’s quick and easy to digest. Nine times out of ten you will find a blog covering exactly what information you’re looking for so it’s worth looking into.


Shopify has a number of useful and helpful blogs on their website ready for you to read. From business sales and ideas to founder stories to keep your inspiration thriving. As a successful online business, they know what they are talking about and can provide a lot of useful information for you fast.

Xune Solutions

Here at Xune, we have a catalogue of blogs ready and waiting for you. Covering all things eCommerce from email marketing and automation to startup tips and web design. With this plethora of information, you can easily accelerate your knowledge of eCommerce to boost your business successfully. As an online business ourselves, we know our fair share of tips and tricks of the trade to keep your knowledge up to date and useful for your business.

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Podcasts, like blogs, can give you a lot of information on a certain subject but with a podcast, you don’t even have to read a thing. If you’re not a fan of reading, struggle with dyslexia/words or simply soak up information better from someone hearing someone speak, a podcast is the perfect resource for you to use to accelerate your eCommerce expertise. Top podcasts to listen to include: ‘The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast’ and ‘Shopify Masters: The ecommerce business and marketing podcast for ambitious entrepreneurs’.

Neil Patel

You’ve most likely heard of him already but Neil Patel is a very well known man in the eCommerce world and for good reason. As a New York Times best seller, not only are his books and blogs informative but they are also well written. As a company owner and successful eCommerce entrepreneur, he definitely knows what you need to know in order to grow a successful eCommerce business. Not only can he provide information on general eCommerce, his easy to use Ubersuggest Free Keyword Tool is excellent for increasing your website traffic with SEO improvements.


An excellent way to access knowledge online is through Skillshare. Skillshare is an online community where more than 28,00 classes are taught by practitioners. There are a variety of topics you can learn about on this but there are thousands of free courses surrounding eCommerce, such as introductions to SEO and video marketing. You can get a premium membership for all the benefits Skillshare provides but it does involve monthly payments. 

Google Digital Garage (Online Courses)

Online courses are an excellent way to learn more about a subject. You can learn, digest and test yourself to ensure the knowledge has sunk in. It’s also a good way to see which areas of a subject you could do with some improvement on. 

Google Digital Garage offers a range of online courses on all things digital. There are 28 courses on digital marketing, 50 courses on data and tech and 58 courses on career development, so there’s plenty to keep you busy! 

google eCommerce

Start Accelerating Your eCommerce Expertise!

There are thousands of useful and helpful resources online and in real life that can help you gain extremely important knowledge to boost your business. Blogs, podcasts, eCommerce icons such as Neil Patel, online lessons and courses are some of the best ways to keep your eCommerce expertise strong. 

As a growth agency we can help you with your eCommerce business and increase your knowledge and expertise in order to boost your business! Get in touch today for a free consultation.

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