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Email marketing software in the UK

Email Marketing is the way forward for your online marketing presence. It has transformed the marketing industry by allowing businesses to contact thousands of customers directly with little effort needed, making it easy to target particular segments of your customer base and to bring awareness to your company and brand.


It is now commonplace among businesses to use Email Marketing strategies to grow their business online and bring awareness to your business, but it is important to choose the right Email Marketing software that allows you to do this successfully.


[email protected] is a favourite among Email Marketing professionals and allows you to do the things listed above at ease. In this article, we will discuss [email protected] and why you should use it as your Email Marketing software for your business and marketing.

[email protected] is our in-house email marketing software designed specifically for growing your business online through email. It allows you to create, edit and send emails to many different contacts that you may have, which you can then segment into groups via the list feature.

It is used by many to send important emails to customers and leads, with the right information/content included. This gives people an incentive to open and read the emails which will then subsequently bring awareness to your business and keep it in your customers heads. 

Email Automation is also available on [email protected] and is an important feature, making email sending a lot less stressful and more targeted towards your customers.

Email marketing software

Benefits of [email protected] Email Automation

One of the benefits of using [email protected] for email automation is that it will save you a lot of time. You will no longer have to send individual emails to contacts, or plan when you are going to send them. [email protected] will allow you to send these emails depending on where they are in the buyer’s journey and at any specific time needed.


Another benefit of using [email protected] for email automation is that you can have specific emails sent to contacts depending on their actions. For example: if a customer does not click on the call-to-action button (CTA), then you can send them another email prompting them to do so. 


[email protected] understands the need for targeting content for specific customers, which is the focus on the email marketing software in general. Our catchphrase at Xune is: “sending the right piece of content, to the right person, at the right time”. 

[email protected] Testimonials

All of our marketing clients take advantage of [email protected] to grow their business. One of them being LD Nutrition.

Since implementing [email protected] and email marketing, LD Nutrition has seen their business skyrocket, with many people purchasing just from a simple prompt email sent to them through [email protected] With Email Automations being used to remind customers of their products, they have seen consistent growth in their business.


Another client who has reaped the benefits of [email protected] is 6S Global. Since bringing email automation to the table, their business has grown significantly with many people being reminded of the brand via email then visiting their website and consuming their created content.

Best of the Rest: Hubspot Pro

[email protected] is our personal favourite email marketing software, but there are many others that are available online also. Hubspot Pro being one of them. 

Hubspot Pro includes many of the same features as [email protected] and also puts a focus on targeting emails to the right audience at the right time. It is an email marketing software that we recommend and has helped many grow their business and online presence.

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Email Marketing is an important part of how businesses grow online nowadays, and Email Automation is a feature that will assist you in your email marketing endeavours and help you reach the place you want your business to be at.

For a more detailed understanding of our email marketing software [email protected], we can give you a free email automation demo using the software, giving you the information needed to kickstart your email marketing and increase the leads/customers of your business. 

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