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Being in the Greater Manchester area, including the surrounding towns and cities of Salford, Stockport, Oldham, Bolton and more is one of the most concentrated areas with business, services and facilities in the United Kingdom.

Growing a business in Manchester requires marketing in order to expand beyond the initial area and be found online. Greater Manchester is a place heavily populated and rich in businesses of all shapes and sizes, and you are going to need to stand out of the crowd in order to grow your business. An excellent localised marketing strategy and SEO campaign would do this.

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How Manchester Local Businesses Succeed

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Pie and Ale

Pie and Ale in the City Centre of Manchester is an example of a business using marketing for growth in the surrounding areas including Bolton, Stockport, Salford and Bury. They have implemented strategies that have made this unique business a go-to in the city centre of Manchester. Using clever local SEO Marketing in Manchester has led to their business growing exponentially and gaining much extra traction in Greater Manchester.

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Two Apples

Two Apples is a Shisha Bar in the Cheetham Hill area that has used Marketing in Manchester to grow their business. Using growth strategies, they have created a popular place to be in the City of Manchester. Being in a local area, their strategies are more focused on growing their business in Cheetham Hill and neighbouring areas such as Cheetwood and Smedley, rather than in the whole of Manchester and the towns of Bolton, Oldham and Bury etc.

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The Castlefield Hotel

An example of a business using marketing to expand their reach outside of Manchester is The Castlefield Hotel. With it being a hotel, their marketing strategy is focused on bringing in people from all over the region, and as well as an on-page SEO strategy they take advantage of social media to market their business to people visiting Manchester. Using these strategies have led The Castlefield Hotel to become a successful hotel in Greater Manchester among visitors to the city.

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The Experts on Local Marketing for Manchester

Transform Your Local Marketing Efforts to Grow Your Business

Implementing clever local marketing strategies will not only grow your business in the City of Manchester, but also the surrounding towns of Oldham, Stockport and Bolton and any particular place of choice important to your business. Xune are experts in localised Marketing for Manchester and can help to transform your marketing strategy to increase your exposure, help you leapfrog the competition and get found more online.

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Our Marketing Process

What to Expect in your Local Marketing with Xune

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Step 1 . Getting to Know Each Other

A call to discuss the outline of your company – It’s goals, it’s values, it’s tone of voice… Essentially your companies personality! The marketing that we do will become a reflection of your brand… Here we get off to a flying start!

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Step 2 . Branding Workshop

This is where we lift the bonnet and take a peek at your business so we can understand your brand values to see what drives you, in order to represent your brand to our best.

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Step 3 . Strategy Workshop

We will then take what we’ve learned and put some research into the market. This research analysis will then be converted into a twelve-month strategy and subsequently, your marketing campaign.

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Step 4 . Campaign Production

We then get the rest of the team on board. Our team will work with the strategists to understand the campaign target and then be able to execute what is needed for the campaign to successfully market your business. 

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Step 5 . Reporting and Analytics

Afterwards, we will monitor and measure the success of the campaign. Going over the previous data is important to make sure that we area always working towards your business goals. 

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Step 6 . Reload and Repeat

We will take into account the reporting of the previous campaign and make changes/optimise when needed. Marketing is a building process and the only direction we go is upwards. We are responsive for your goals and work in 3-month sprints. 

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