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10 Common Website Design Mistakes That Let Businesses Down

small business website design

Website design is something that is becoming more and more essential for businesses to gain new customers and get their business out there for people to see. The internet is being used increasingly for business, and designing the right website is just one part of the expansion.

For a small business, website design should be at the forefront of major projects, as having a website will increase your noticeability and assist you in gaining traffic, which you can then convert into leads and customers. A website is the modern day shopfront, it’s wise not to neglect it!

In this article, we are going to discuss website design mistakes and why small business website design should be one of the most important tasks to complete for the future of your business. 

Old-Fashioned Design

Website design has changed a lot over the past couple of decades, meaning there are now modern, unique designs to choose from. Do not use a design such as the one below as this will turn away traffic and visitors who are expecting more from your business.

Example of old fashion design that can let small business website design down

Hard To Find Businesses Contact Details

Many visitors could be looking for your business contact details and you wouldn’t know as they were placed in a hidden smallprint of your website. Make your contact details easy to find in order to avoid situations like this.

The Website Is Not Mobile Friendly

A big percentage (more than half) of internet users visit websites through their mobile or tablet, making it essential for your website to be friendly on both devices. If your small business website design isn’t, it can turn away many visitors.

Poor Typography

Having the right typography on your website is essential for the success of your business going forward. Here are some examples of poor typography: 

Text Is Too Small or Too Big

You must have text the right size or visitors will be turned away, such as by text that is too large or too small.

Too Many Fonts

Having too many fonts can be confusing to some people, turning them away. Keep it consistent with the fonting of your text.

Choosing Unclear Font

Having a font that is unclear can also turn away visitors. Using a clean, simple font is the most effective way to use text.

Your Website Is Not Optimised (SEO)

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a key aspect of small business website design. Using key words and phrases throughout your website can improve the ranking of your page on Google and other search engines, making it an important part of website design to focus on.

SEO checklist not being considered can let down small business website design

Slow Load Time

Having a slow loading time can decrease the ranking of your website on search engines, making it an important mistake to pay attention to. There are ways of optimising your website speed such as reducing image quality, the number of plugins and content on your website.

No Privacy Policy

Not including a privacy policy is a mistake for your small business website design as a privacy policy gives customers clarity as to where their information is going. Without one, many people could be turned off by your website. 

Unclear Calls To Action or Their Absence

A call to action (CTA) is a button or piece of text that gives people an action to complete (e.g. Click Here button). Having them on your website without a clear purpose or not including any at all is a problem, and needs to be fixed.

Bad Quality Visuals

Visuals are supposed to be appealing for people to view, so when there are bad quality visuals on a website, it can be very off-putting. Use good quality visuals in order to impress traffic that visits your website and to nurture them into becoming customers. 

The Website Is Not Being Looked After

Aside from all the other mistakes listed above, there is one that cannot be overlooked – taking care of your website. Like everything in this world, websites need to be taken care of and maintained in order to keep visitors coming back and without the right care, your website might let your business down.


With good care and maintenance, you can look after your website correctly and avoid most mistakes in this article. 

Need Assistance With Your Website Design?

We understand that website design is an important aspect of your business, however, we know how website maintenance is time consuming and developing your website from scratch can be even more confusing, especially for someone who has little experience with website design.


If you haven’t already, take a look at our website design Services Brochure in order to inform you on the services that we offer here at Xune Solutions. We can get you through the website design process, and help you reach the success that you’ve always dreamed of for your business.

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