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A website is no longer just a place where people and visitors discover that you exist. It’s also where people go from being strangers to being customers and move from customers to brand ambassadors. Gone are the days where business card websites are enough to get the job done.

Don't fall behind the competition

If you are one of the many people that are losing market share to your competitors, then its time to remember that digital appearance counts for everything. Why stick with a Skoda when you could have a Ferrari?

Or, try and think of your website as the modern day shopfront… You wouldn’t neglect it, you would try and make it the most appealing, engaging shop. So when people walk by they are sucked into the fantastic stuff you offer! 

Your website can become the hub for your businesses growth, opening new doors and creating new avenues for you to explore.

Designers and Marketers Collaborating

Clear and Simple

When people land on your website they could be able to tell how you solve their problems. It shouldn’t take a detective to figure it out.

Attractive & Modern

We all expect a lot from our digital experiences, we want to feel welcomed and engaged just as we would in real life. 

Conversion Funnels

We don’t believe in creating beautiful websites just to look pretty. You’re website has the potential to become your company’s greatest salesperson.

We like to think we’re the bring the best of both together: web design and growth marketing to ensure that your website shows your company off at it’s best and allows visitors to become customers. Everyone who works with Xune starts from the same starting line, whether launching a new website or bringing an ‘old’ one into 2020 we start by understanding what’s at the core of your brand.

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What to Expect in your Website Design with Xune


A call to discuss the outline of your company - It's goals, it's values, it's tone of voice... Essentially your companies personality! The websites design will become a reflection of your brand... Here we get off to a flying start!

Design Workshop

We run a workshop with you to go through our design process and what you can expect. We will discuss initial thoughts. If you already have a website, here you will tell us what you like/dislike about your current site and what you would like to keep.


Looking at how your web pages will be working with each other to create your design. A basic layout of your websites pages and the journey each page goes to connect with one another.


Further and planning the aesthetic design. Here our designer will create mockups of several pages of your site, with your brand in mind of course!

Iterative Website Building

Where we get started on the meat and bones of the whole process. Our brilliant Website Designers and experienced Copywriters will get to work, nurturing and spinning up your website.

Collaborative Reviews

During all of these steps, we have regular meetings/calls/chats about our progress. To here your views, making alterations where needed to bring your dreams to reality.

Want More Information About Your Website Design With Xune?

Download a walkthrough of our design process and what to expect along with a typical website build timeline.