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What e-Commerce Platform Should You Use?

What e-Commerce Platform Should You Use?

Starting an e-commerce business is a challenge but you wouldn’t be here if you were not someone who likes a challenge. In amongst deciding which marketing campaigns to use or which e-commerce methods work best, you have another important decision to make – which e-commerce website builder is best?

Many of us are aware of eCommerce website builder platforms. They give those who have very little or no experience of building a website the chance to create their own site. These intuitive platforms are simple to use and come with guides, themes and plugins, making it easy for users to personalise their site to meet their needs.

However, when it comes to e-commerce, you don’t just need to avoid the common pitfalls with building your website, but specifically need a site that works as an online shop. You don’t need a basic website that displays text alone. You need to display text, images, product lines, perhaps offer a customer service feature as well as include a payment process. All of these things are vital to an online business, especially an e-commerce store.

So, as an e-commerce business owner, you have two main options: Shopify vs WordPress with WooCommerce.

Note: Magento and EKM are two options with very specific use cases and as such are not recommended by Xune for most eCommerce merchants.



The clue is in the name as Shopify is a platform that is designed for e-commerce businesses. Everything that this platform does is aimed at providing a platform that is not only intuitive but enables users to run their business and maintain it in a simplified way. Business owners already have a lot to think about Shopify ensures that everything is taken care of. This is down to the fact that it is a fully automated platform, enabling users to take a more hands-off approach.


WordPress with WooCommerce

There is no doubt that WordPress is an impressive platform. You have only got to see just how many websites use it to understand that it is highly regarded. However, when it comes to e-commerce, it is slightly different from that of Shopify.

WordPress is not a dedicated platform for e-commerce and that means that Woocommerce has to be installed in order to turn your WordPress site into a fully functioning shop. However, this is essentially a blogging platform that has been modified to work as an e-commerce platform and that is where the issues could begin. Using this platform will mean that on-going maintenance is required and that can take a lot of time and effort.

Shopify has been specifically created work as an e-commerce platform and that is why it stands head and shoulders above many other options, including WordPress with WooCommerce. It has been built from the ground up and provides a feasible option for those who own e-commerce business.


Should I switch to Shopify?

If you already operate an eCommerce website and are wondering “Should I switch to Shopify?” then the answer -all things being equal- is a resounding yes. When you have a platform that is specifically designed for eCommerce, it has to be the obvious choice because it provides a simple, low maintenance option for business owners. If you have an eComm site and want to switch to Shopify then you should use the services of an official Shopify partner like Xune to assist with the migration so that your ongoing sales and organic search rank are not affected.

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