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What is Email Automation and Why Does it Matter?

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Email Automation has become a standard channel for growth in digital marketing, yet many are still oblivious to the benefits of using it and what it can do for your business. It is one of the most effective ways for a business to create a relationship with a customer. 

Recently, companies have become aware of the benefits that email automation can have when it comes to growth marketing. It is spreading and is now used universally by most digital marketing agencies, but not by all. There is a chunk of people that are still unsure about email automation and what it does. 

In this article, we are going to discuss email automation, what it is and why it should matter to you and your business.

What is Email Automation

Email Automation is simply the process of automating your email marketing. This means preparing emails that can be sent automatically at a certain time to a certain person. It makes email marketing a lot easier to manage and a lot faster too. 

There are many benefits of using email automation, and it will spice up your marketing strategy as it gives you a reason to interact with customers and inform them about your company and what you are offering to them. It also keeps your company in their mind, giving them little reminders that you still exist. 

Why Does it Matter?

It matters because it is becoming more and more essential as the days go by. People are on the internet more than ever now, and having a way of communicating with these people quickly and efficiently is key for your business to grow.

Here are a few of the benefits that email automation offers and why they are important to your business:

You can segment your customers into groups

With email automation, you are able to segment customers into different groups. You do this by using statistics to write different emails for different types of customers. For example: a segment could be women between the ages of 30-40. You can be more specific if needed depending on your company and what you are offering. 

Why email automation matters

Build relationships with customers

We are only human, and humans are not programmed to have your business in their mind 24/7. However, building a relationship with your customers can have a positive impact on business and sales as positive interactions tend to stick in someone’s mind. Sending them positive emails every now and then can build long term customers.

You will be left behind without it

Every business that is invested in growth marketing will jump onto email automation sooner or later. This means that it is becoming an industry standard that should be taken seriously. If you are going to be doing online business without using email automation, then you are going to be left behind by the companies that utilise this powerful tool.

Are you interested?

Email Automation is a very interesting topic in marketing as it is growing rapidly yet many are not taking advantage of it yet. If you do not want to be left behind by the rest of the business world, you should definitely look into email automation.

If you are a business/website owner and are interested in using email automation, we recommend that you read this article on email automation that will explain it thoroughly in more detail for you to get a better understanding of how powerful and important it is.

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