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What on Earth Is Email Automation?

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For people who are developing a business or website, one of the most important aspects of this process is now digital marketing or as we prefer to call it “growth marketing”. Growing the audience of your business and directing traffic to your website is now something that must be focused on throughout the process of developing your own business.


Email Automation is a term thrown around a lot within the sphere of digital marketing, but for an outsider, it can seem like a confusing term. It is generally linked with email marketing and focuses on emails within digital marketing. Using email automation is something that we recommend to new businesses and already existing eCommerce businesses online.


With digital marketing comes a range of new technologies and strategies to get people visiting your website/business, and email automation is just another way of attracting said people to your business and converting them into a visitor to a customer. Using said techniques is what the majority of websites and businesses do (especially the successful ones).


In this article, we are going to go over Email Automation and what on earth is Email Automation. It is something that you should certainly consider implementing into your business practice and digital marketing strategy going forward, and we recommend that you use it to grow your business. 

So, What Is Email Automation?

Email Automation is simply the process of automating your email marketing strategy. Across the entire world, countries and businesses alike are focusing their efforts to automation and to automate their business processes. Technology is advancing at a faster rate and automation is the next step.

Automating your email marketing will generally include an “automation” meaning a group of emails that are scheduled to be sent to people depending on the time, date etc. You can select particular lists of contacts for these emails to be sent to them, meaning you can write emails that focus on particular needs and desires in order to target specific audiences and grow your business.

This process is commonly used throughout the internet by businesses, as you may have noticed through your email inbox. Depending on the wording, content used etc, an email can have a very huge impact on converting a visitor to a customer and email automation allows you to target these particular visitors. 

Should I Use Email Automation For My Business?

We certainly recommend using email automation for your business, as it gives you an opportunity to grow and scale your business to the masses without having to send individual emails to all of your contacts and customers. Having this process automated will allow you to focus on other areas of digital marketing and your business, as email marketing is time-consuming. 


For those looking to expand their business and convert traffic you may be receiving into fully-fledged customers, email automation is a way of doing so and can successfully transform your business into a modern, online company that can bring the perfect product to the ideal customer.

Email Automation Software Perfect For Your Business

We understand that growing a business requires digital marketing, and with email automation, you can do so without the effort of sending individual emails yourself, just allow the software to do it for you. There are many different types of email automation software available, but we use [email protected], our in-house software for email marketing.


If you haven’t already, take a look at our dedicated page for [email protected] Email Automation to see all the features included and how it can help you grow your business for the future. Email Automation is a new phenomenon but can make or break your business in the future of digital marketing and the internet. 

See How Email Automation Can Help You

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