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What is the Best eCommerce Platform to Use with a Small Budget?

What is the Best eCommerce Platform to Use with a Small Budget?

If you are a small business or a startup with plans of going into eCommerce, then you need to consider which platform best suits your needs. Your first question is likely to be “what is the best eCommerce platform to use with a small budget?” You need a platform that can help get your business off the ground without requiring additional staff or staggering monthly costs. The clear choice for small businesses and startups with limited capital is EKM. If you are not familiar with EKM, it is a UK based eCommerce platform that allows smaller companies build a store online without exhausting their budget in one fell swoop. It’s very simple to set up an EKM shop, perfect for new or small business.  Let’s take a closer look at why companies should choose EKM for their eCommerce platform on a tight budget.


EKM is Easy to Set Up

EKM makes it easy to get started; you don’t need to hire web designers or start an IT department in your company. EKM is point and click easy. You don’t need to know how to code in order to get your EKM store up and running. If you find that even with a process that holds your hand through setup, that you still require some assistance, EKM has excellent support. That fact brings us to our next point.


EKM Offers Superior Support

One of the most impressive things about EKM is the support. While you may be left to feel your way through getting started on other platforms, EKM assigns you an account manager for six months. That means that if you are a startup or small business that you will have someone who knows your account and you won’t have to explain everything from the beginning each time you contact your account manager. Here are a few of the things with which your account manager can assist your company.

  • Help you determine which theme will best fit your company’s website.
  • Help you figure out taxes.
  • Will recommend delivery options.
  • Give you input regarding how to best drive traffic to your website.


EKM also provides thorough advice through their customer support who you can contact via phone or email. EKM does not have 24-hour support so to contact a representative you will have to do it during regular business hours; however, they do have an impressive knowledge base and videos that may solve your problem just as quickly as if you were conversing with an actual person.


EKM is Easy to Use

EKM is a good choice, the dashboard makes navigation simple and removes an obstacle that often ends the chances of a small business succeeding at eCommerce before they begin. There is also a guide built into your dashboard that will walk you through what needs to be done before your website goes live. When you do go live, your website is already designed ad optimized for mobile devices. Your website layout and colours will be based on the theme you pick for your store.

Adding data such as information about your business and your store inventory is a snap, even more so if you have already been selling on eBay, EKM seamlessly integrates with your eBay store. How you accept payment and how your company ships items which have been purchased are equally simple to set up.

EKM also gives you the tools for SEO, custom domain names, and it boasts a 99.9% up-time. There will be no blackouts with EKM that keep your customers from making purchases. It also allows you to use live chat so that your customer’s questions can instantly be addressed. There are a host of equally useful tools that EKM provides to your business.


EKM is Inexpensive

EKM’s basic membership is only £32.00 plus VAT and gives you one user account which can manage up to 500 products, more than enough for most small business and startups.

So, if you are looking for a platform to start your eCommerce business on, EKM is obviously the best choice.


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