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What I’ve Learned about Digital Marketing (First Week as an Apprentice)

What I’ve Learned about Digital Marketing (First Week as an Apprentice)

My first week as a Digital Marketing Apprentice has been exciting to say the least. Aside from the negative impact the coronavirus outbreak has had, forcing myself to work from home, I have enjoyed observing and working with Xune.

So far, I have done Web Design via WordPress, Yoast SEO for blog posts and created social media posts on SocialPilot. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on these as it has given me insight into how the Digital Marketing world works and what clients are typically after.

Web Design via WordPress was my favourite part of working as I learned a lot about how to structure websites and how that has an impact on the marketing side. As every word you use can affect the SEO (and in turn, the traffic on the website), it gave me a better understanding on how and why websites are worded in certain specific ways. The designing part was relevant also to marketing, as it taught me that the websites have to be appealing in order to gain traffic. This is a vital part of Digital Marketing and the internet in general.

Aside from the work I’ve mentioned already, I gained some insight on clients and how to work with them effectively, after being in a video-call with Misha and one of the clients that Xune works with. 

This was really helpful as it allowed me to see the communication between the clients and the Digital Marketer and what works best for efficient productivity.

In addition to this, I have been learning remotely through Google Digital Garage and their marketing course on the “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing”. This has been helpful as although it might be basic, it has helped me clarify many things I was unsure about. For example: I was taught on Building a Web Presence, which wasn’t my strongest point. I have now been made aware of “how websites work” and the “key website ingredients” which will help me in the future.

To conclude the week, I learned many new things about Digital Marketing and I am ready to propel myself into a strong career. This week, I am starting my Estio Apprenticeship Training (which is a more formal version of the google-style training I was doing – qualifications involved) which I am also looking forward to.

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