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What Makes a Good Website Design: 9 Crucial Elements

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There are many different aspects as to what makes a good website, meaning a website takes time to get perfect and there are things that need to be worked on over a period of time in order to get it right.

Developing a website is something that many people are now interested in doing, and it is important for them to know the things that are crucial and important in order to get their website right, especially for beginners who are not as experienced in website design as some.

In this article, we are going to discuss what makes a good website design and the most important elements as to how you can make your website design high-quality and well-designed.


Simplicity should be a focus when designing your website, as it is an aspect that the majority of people want. We want to receive information in organised, simple quantities, which is what you should do for your website design.

Less Text, More Visuals

Including less text, and more visuals throughout the layout of your website design is a way of making your website more simple and appealing for visitors to receive the information you are offering.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility is often overlooked, as we don’t realise that many people have different devices for us. Making sure that your website is stable on tablets and mobiles as well as the desktop is something that is essential to what makes a good website design.

Quality Content

Focusing on the design and not enough about what is on the website is a mistake made by too many people. Focusing on the content you are providing is key for building a successful website and will help drive traffic to you.

Good Visuals

Having good visual designs across the website is something that is needed in order to appear professional to visitors. Here are some examples of good visuals to use for a website design:


Infographics, including charts, guides and information are a style of graphics that can be used throughout your website.


Charts can be used throughout your website design in order to get your message across to the visitors and traffic who end up on your website.

High-Quality Photos

Using high-quality photos will show your professionalism to visitors and traffic, and will express how you care about the quality of your website.

Colours And Branding

Colours and branding are an essential part of what makes a good website. Focusing on consistency, using similar branding and colours throughout your website will give visitors and traffic a good impression about what you represent.

White Space

Using white space throughout your website design is something that makes a good website design. It allows visitors to read and understand better your information rather than having a cluttered page.

Clear Navigation

Navigating through the website is something the visitors are going to do, which is why as a website designer you must make it as easy as possible. Here are some ways in which you can do so:

Top Menu

Having a top menu is essential for navigation as it is where the majority of visitors are going to search through your website.

Bottom Menu

Having a bottom menu is also essential as many people will scroll through your website and end up at the bottom, making it as simple and effective for visitors as possible.


Breadcrumbs are secondary navigation features such as a box or widget in order for visitors to see what part of the website they are currently on.


Anchors are a way of cementing a place on the website with a code so that a link can send a visitor to that place, making navigation easier than ever.

Search Bar

Including a search bar for navigation is a part of what makes a good website, making it simple for visitors to get to where they want.

Load Time

Load time affects the ranking of your website on Google, meaning it is important to focus on the loading time of your website in order to increase visitors and traffic over the long term.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO means optimising your website to appear in search results. It is a part of what makes a good website design and includes implementing keywords or phrases that will rank your website on Google.

Need Assistance With Your Website Design?

We understand that designing a website is a difficult task and with many different answers for what makes a good website design, many people can feel confused and overwhelmed as to the sheer amount of tasks that are needed to complete a website design.

If you haven’t already, take a look at our Website Design page in order to learn more about the services we offer. We can help you throughout your website design process in order to get your website up and running.

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