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What Makes Good eCommerce Website Design & How To Create One

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Website Design is an essential part of a successful eCommerce business. As your website is one of the most valuable assets to your business, it is important to get the website design stage right in order to maximise the user experience and increase revenue for your business.

In this article, we are going to discuss what makes a good eCommerce website design and how you can create one yourself for your business. It will make a significant improvement to your business going forward and will help your business get recognised online.

Website Branding

Website branding is one of the most important aspects of a website design, as it shows the visitors what your business represents and can win over customers. Here are some of the important parts of website branding to consider:

Working on brand identity for company

Your Business Logo

Having a business logo on your eCommerce website design is a way of showing customers what you are about and can bring familiarity to the table. It is necessary for your eCommerce website.

Website Colour Palette

Having a colour palette for your website online will standardise your website design and make everything look a bit more appealing.

Fonts for Titles, Headings And Main Text

Keeping standardised fonts, headings and text will make your website look a lot more neater and appealing too, attracting more visitors and customers to your website. 

Clear Navigation

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It is important for your eCommerce website design to be easily navigable and to look around in order to make it clear for your customers where they need to visit. Here are a few things that would give your website design clear navigation:

Top Menu

A top menu  (navigation bar) is the best way of providing your visitors with a way to get around your website, with the links to your pages included.

Bottom Menu

A bottom menu (footer) is great for allowing your visitors to navigate once they have reached the bottom of your page.


For a website with logical hierarchy and grouping, breadcrumbs is a great way to visualise this experience for visitors making the website more navigable and easy to get back to where you were before. 

Product Sorting & Filtering

For an eCommerce website design, having product sorting and filtering features in your shop is essential and will help visitors turn into customers.

Search Bar

A search bar is useful on any website, but for an eCommerce one it is needed in order for customers to find specific products that you have on your store.

Detailed Product Page

Having a detailed product page will show customers that you care about your business and the products that you offer. Here are some of the ways that you can do so:

Business owner showing detailed product page of their eCommerce website design

Clear Product Title

Understandable, clear product titles will avoid confusion with visitors and customers down the road.

Product Description & Price

Including product descriptions and price will help people understand what they are purchasing, and is great for SEO.


With a review section on your website, you can respond to customers and showcase what they think of your website, in order to increase purchases.

Shipping and Returns

A shipping & returns section is needed in order to persuade more visitors to turn into customers, and to be honest and upfront with them about your policy.


Having a blog on an eCommerce website design is a good way of bringing in organic traffic. Here are some things that can affect the design:


Having different categories for the blogs to be in is important for navigation and for people to know where to find the right articles for them.

Useful Guides

Including guides within your blog page is a way to show customers that you truly care and want to give them the right information.

Customer Support

eCommerce is a type of business that puts the customer first. This means including customer support on your website in order to assist people with their issues on the site. Here are a few things that you should include on your website for customer support:


Including an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page for customers to visit will help them find the answers to what they want to know regarding your business/website. 

Contact Form

Having a contact form on your eCommerce website design is a great way to allow customers to get in touch with you.

Live Chat Bot

A live chat bot can answer many questions that customers could have, without any hassle or bother.

Need Assistance With eCommerce Website Design?

Website Design is no easy task, and it can be an overwhelming process for those inexperienced in the field. We all need assistance from time to time, and with website design you may need help in order to get it up and running.

If you haven’t already, take a look at our website growth page where we discuss how we can help you create the perfect website design for your eCommerce business. It can have a positive impact on your business and subsequently, the profit you make.

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