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Why Are My Emails Going to Spam? Email Marketing Solutions

why are my emails going to spam

Email marketing is an excellent way to market products and services, generate leads and generally benefit your eCommerce business. Frustratingly though, sometimes the emails we spend time and effort crafting get sent straight to people’s spam folder. If you are wondering why your emails are going to spam, there could be numerous reasons but we’ll walk you through some of the most common reasons emails get sent to spam and how you can avoid them to better your email marketing.   

Reasons Why Your Emails Could be Going to Spam:

No Email Permission

One of the most important things a business needs when sending emails is permission. You need people to opt into your mailing list before you send emails to people. Without permission to send people emails, you risk people flagging/reporting your email(s) as spam.   

Image indicating email permission for businesses to avoid emails get sent to spam

Low Engagement Rate

When you have consistently low engagement rates, email providers can flag your emails as spam, as it shows people aren’t particularly interested in receiving your emails. To avoid the email provider receiving multiple customer complaints, they automatically respond to the patterns of low engagement emails by sending the emails straight to spam. This way, the customer won’t even see the emails they are not bothered about getting unless they go into their spam folder.

Bad Email Formatting

An email that looks terrible or unprofessional could be unappealing to your customers. They want to see you’ve put in at least a little effort with your emails and that they can trust them. Have you ever been on a website but very quickly came off of it because it looked unfinished, unprofessional or just plain dodgy? It can massively harm brand credibility when people do this. The same thing can happen with email. People clicking on your email and instantly clicking off can affect engagement rates. This, in turn, can affect the email providers view of your emails and whether or not they are spam.

You Didn’t Include an ‘Unsubscribe’ Option

You need to give people the option to unsubscribe from your emails, just because they signed up it doesn’t guarantee that they will always be interested. People can lose interest in a company, or just their emails, over time. Maybe they didn’t like reading or opening your emails or they might simply just not need your services or products anymore. 

If they want to stop receiving your emails you need to let them. This is done with a simple unsubscribe button or option at the bottom of the email.

why are my emails going to spam

If you don’t have this as an option but someone doesn’t want your emails anymore, they could report it as spam as an alternative way to ensure they don’t continue receiving emails that they no longer want. Having people unsubscribe isn’t the best but it’s much less harmful than people reporting your emails as spam.

Misleading Subject Line

The subject line is what initially attracts people’s attention to get them to open your email and there are many psychological principles that you could integrate into your subject lines to increase the chance of higher open rates. However, if your subject line is something along the lines of ‘Hey,*first name* here’s 10% off of your next purchase!’ and then in the contents of the email you don’t mention this offer or you’ve lied and just used it as an incentive to get people to open the email, they might consider you to be spam. Lying or misleading on emails is not the way to go when building trust or relationships with your customers and the perfect way for them to consider you to be worthy of the spam folder.

How to Prevent Your Emails Going to Spam:

Get Email Permission

Include an opt-in form somewhere on your website. This allows people to give consent to you sending them emails and updates about your company. There are other benefits to getting people to give you their information voluntarily. It shows that they actually are interested. There’s no point sending emails or specifically targeting people who aren’t in the slightest bit interested in your product or service. People who have filled in a form to receive updates have proved they are interested in what your business provides.

Try Xune Auto-Mate

With Xune’s Auto-Mate you can craft future email marketing plans and create multiple emails and email campaigns to send to thousands of people. You can craft excellent emails that you’ve put thought into, that get sent to the right people at the right time automatically (with their permission too). The best bit, it’s all done in half the time it would take without using an automation software. 

Email marketing software

The changes to make to ensure your emails don’t get sent to spam can be small, and seemingly insignificant, but they’re vital for upping your email marketing game.

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