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Why You Should be Using Psychology in Your Marketing

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Psychology is a powerful thing and you can use the psychology of consumer behaviour to your advantage to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. The most important part of any successful marketing or branding strategy is understanding your buyer persona and their behaviour. However, there are some behaviours that work across the board in marketing to effectively market your products or services. 

Psychology sounds intimidating but you don’t need to be a psychologist to understand the basics of human nature and why it can be effective in marketing. 

It Can Give You a Competitive Edge

With digital marketing, the competition for customer attention is vital but challenging to get. That’s why you need to give yourself a competitive advantage in order to succeed. Using psychology is a great way to give yourself an important edge over your competitors. 

If you sell/offer something that is commonly sought after, there will likely be a lot of other companies also selling or offering that. In this case, the way you market your products to customers can affect how well you do. You want to ensure people are looking at you more than your competitors and the way to do this is by catching their attention first.  

People Respond to Psychological Marketing

Psychology is human nature, so of course, people are going to respond to it if you do it right. Awareness and engagement are essential parts of marketing so catching peoples attention is vital. Using psychological techniques you can take advantage of human nature to attract people to your brand.

Man responding to Psychological Marketing

How to Catch People’s Attention with Psychology

Ask Questions

People are naturally curious. Asking a question can provoke and stimulate the user’s brain into feeling like they need to know the answer, giving you a better chance of getting the visitor to engage with your brand.

Address the User

By using ‘you’ the reader will feel addressed and believe that this is the solution for them specifically. 


Different colours can provoke different emotions for people, using a certain colour can make a lot more difference than you might think. Try A/B testing a button on your website with two different colours and see which gets more clicks. 


A bold, unusual, bright or confusing image can easily catch someone’s attention. Similar to asking a question, using optimised product images can provoke curiosity, especially if it’s unusual or unique. 

You Can Create Trust and Brand Loyalty

Using incentives or the principle of reciprocity, you can make your customers feel like they can depend on you to solve their problems or give them the information they are looking for. In doing this you create a level of trust between you and them. Once you have your customers’ trust, you can begin to get them to build a strong loyalty to your brand and eventually create meaningful, long-lasting relationships. 

Switch indicating using Psychology marketing increases trust & brand loyalty

Achieve More Sales

By having that competitive edge, creating a higher level of trust and increasing people’s loyalty to your brand, you can ultimately achieve more sales. 

You should be using psychology in your marketing for many reasons. It can give you an excellent competitive edge over your competitors or other online businesses, people respond extremely well to the way marketing with psychology works and using psychology, you can create vital trust, important brand loyalty and credibility as well as meaningful relationships with your customers. 

As experts in marketing, we can guide you to expand your business, make sales and increase your revenue. Simply schedule a call with us to discuss your business growth.  


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