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Why you should consider a Magento to Shopify Migration

Why you should consider a Magento to Shopify Migration

While Magento stood among the most powerful CMS platforms not too long ago, there is a clear shift in its value. This is not because Magento is any less than what it used to be; rather, it is due to other platforms powering specific services, and they are more efficient and feasible for users. For example, Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform and point of sale service that has overtaken many others.

With Shopify as a complete software solution, it is likely that you would want to upgrade your eCommerce business and migrate from Magento to Shopify. Apart from this, below are a few major reasons why you might want to use Shopify.


Shopify Offers Convenient Store Maintenance

While maintaining an eCommerce website is never the easiest of tasks, all the nitty-gritty tasks still have to get done such as ensuring that your inventory input, order status reviews, deliveries, items in-transit, and a whole lot more. If you need to do all these regular tasks on a platform that’s not user-friendly, it can become quite painful.

With Shopify, a lot of the inhibitions that you would normally face on Magento, are nullified by the intuitive user experience it offers. The platform has been created to make a shop owner’s tasks easier with a smaller number of keystrokes and clicks. A lot of website migration witnessed tends to comprise shop owners moving to Shopify.


Shopify Offers Better Payment and Data Security

With security being a growing issue, every customer wants better security, and every shop owner also wants to have a secure site. Since financial transactions take place on an eCommerce site, this data must be given the very best security. Shopify wins over Magento in this regard.

Shopify overshadows Magento when it comes to the security of transactions as well as data security. However, it must be said that Magento does let shop owners have everything at their disposal for the best security. The problem is that you have to chose and configure this yourself. Unless you are a Magento expert, you may have a tough time figuring out all the details. Shopify simplifies this for you and lets you focus on your shop management rather than worry over payment security.


Shopify Supports Shop Scalability

For any business with growth potential, scalability requires prerequisite focus and effort. With Magento, you need to do all the work to scale your shop. An example being scaling across platforms, you have to put in the leg work to get all the details implemented. If you miss out on any detail, you will struggle with scalability. If you are not a Magento expert, you’ll need your programmer to help you out with customisation or just to give some guidance on eCommerce scaling.

Shopify rids you of these worries, as everything is handed to you at your fingertips and you don’t have to worry about things like whether your hosting service can support an increase of visitors or not. It must be said here that Magento often struggles with sluggish website loading speeds unless the very best hosting services are also purchased, which can often cost more than the monthly Shopify cost in of themselves.

While Shopify’s integral features can be incorporated into your Magento site, you will most likely need a programmer or someone skilled in Magento customisation. You could, however, choose to carry on with Magento, but if you migrate from Magento to Shopify managing your shop would be much easier and more efficient.

Xune provides an all-in-one solution for site migration. Migrate your site to a platform that offers better security, easier scalability and a proven track record of converting sales!

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