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Why Your Online Store Is not Generating as much Revenue as Your Shop

Online store not generating much revenue

Your retail business expanded into the world of eCommerce, but sales aren’t what you thought they would be. In fact, your retail locations still outsell your online store. Your company has invested in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, and yet the sales just aren’t there. Don’t despair; there are a few common mistakes that you can quickly rectify and bring up your online store’s revenue to where you want them. Here are a few common issues that can slow your eCommerce down.


A Tedious Checkout Process

Most people aren’t too keen on having to fill out multiple forms just to purchase an item. Customers will become frustrated when they think that one form is all they need to fill out, and yet another pops up. Think of it as if you didn’t have enough registers in your store and the queue stretched outside the door, that is the equivalent of what happens when a customer is inundated with field after field when they check out from your online store. The answer to the problem is quite easy, just simplify the forms, and you will likely see less abandoned shopping carts and more sales.


Low-Quality Images and Poor Product Descriptions

In your store, a customer can take a piece of fruit in their hands and inspect it, or squeeze a pillow to test its softness; your customers can’t do that with your online store. If your site has pixelated images of your product, it not only makes your company look unprofessional, it also doesn’t make the product seem appealing in the least. Use crisp, vivid images that show the product from several sides. The same concept applies to your product description if it is misspelt or uses awful grammar or seems as if it’s instructions for building a robot, then it will deter customers from going any further in the buying process. Having clear, accurate and concise (but not too brief) descriptions will help your customer to understand better the product they are purchasing. Make sure that your descriptions are unique and relay the value of the product.


Your Store is not Optimised for Mobile Devices

Over half of all eCommerce sales worldwide are made through a mobile device, and those numbers are expected to increase. Perhaps your retail location has good branding; you even are sure to have your web address on print material. If one of your customers sees your store from a car or bus that happens to be passing by and wants to make a purchase from your online store, they are only going to be frustrated trying to make your website fit their screen if it isn’t optimised for mobile devices. Purchases through mobile devices can’t be ignored, and your site should make it easy to buy with a smartphone or tablet.


No One Knows Your Online Store is There

This one is a simple problem; if you don’t promote your website, no one will visit your online store. In order for your online store to be successful, you will need to engage in a number of things such as SEO. Don’t try to run your own SEO campaign; be sure to use professionals who are familiar with the process and will bring you the best results. They can also help you to run a PPC campaign, usually to enhance your SEO campaign. You should also be sure that your web address is clearly visible in your retail location. Print it out on your receipts and on business cards. Include your web address in emails, on envelopes and mail, or any other items with which the public will come in contact.

If you follow these simple suggestions, you could see your business’s online sales climb dramatically.

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