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Xune Solutions’ Email Automation Series: Episode One – The Benefits of Email Automation

email automation benefits

Email automation is a well used tool for effective marketing efforts. This is the technique of sending automatic emails to your subscribers via triggers. These emails can be tailored to certain subscribers through personalisation, this can happen if they do/or don’t take specific actions. There are many different types of automation software, such as Xune’s [email protected] and can be used to increase your growth marketing efforts.

But why should you use email automation? In this first edition of This month in email automation We will show you the benefits of this fantastic marketing tool.

You Can Re-Engage Your Customer Base

For businesses with large emailing lists, this benefit is crucial for you. With large mailing lists it is very easy to find your business having customers who are unengaged with your products. Email automation is a great way to get these customers reengaging and bringing them back to your business.

With 99% of consumers checking their email every day, using personalised email automations will be a sure fire way to having them re-engage with your products, and hopefully, increasing sales.

Increase Revenue

Research has shown that automated emails generate 320% more revenue than emails that are non-automated. This is clearly a no brainer for getting set up with email automation software.

email automation benefits

Increase Click Through Rates

Having automated emails that are personalised will increase customer interest. If your content is interesting and has personalisations for your recipients to see then they will want to click onto the email and read what you have to say. These personalisations can be things such as, having their first name in the subject of the email and throughout the body text. If you have metrics such as specific products that groups of subscribers have purchased or viewed, you can create automations that contain products they will like. If customers see an email that has been created with their interests in mind, their interest will be aroused and will increase the chances that they will click through. 

You can take this benefit through so many avenues from this. Personalisation and an increase in click throughs can be paid with a wide variety of email types, you can offer them products or even content that will be helpful to them. This subsequently leads to another benefit.

Increase in Customer Loyalty

Having to write manual emails is labour intensive and can take copious amounts of time, especially if you have a large subscriber list. With your emails being automated and the content being tailored to your subscribers you will create a good relationship between you and your customer base.

Your customers will be delighted that they are receiving emails that have been tailored to them and their interests, if you show you are loyal to your customers they will certainly be loyal to you. A win-win for everyone here!

email automation benefits

It Will Save You Time

The ultimate benefit for enrolling in email automation is that it is an immense time saver. Trying to create email chains and engaging threads with thousands of subscribers manually is totally inefficient and not a good use of time management. Having automation software can be so advanced that you can send an email to an almost unlimited number of email addresses at the click of a button. The amount of time that email automation can give you is monumental for optimising your marketing and growth, whether that is using your automation for these efforts, or you use the time you’ve saved for other marketing means. 

Having an email automation system at your fingertips can ensure that you have the time and capacity to send the right messages at the right time, to the right person.

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