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Xune Solutions’ Email Automation Series: Episode Two – How to Sell Email Automation to a Sceptic

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Despite the overwhelming evidence, benefits, advantages and results that email automation can bring, there are some people who are still sceptical about email automation for their business. You might be passionate about getting your business to utilise the wonders that email automation can work but some colleagues may disagree, so how do you sell email automation to a sceptic?  

Lack of Downsides

The only real downside to using an email automation software for your business is paying for it. However, most standard automation software won’t cost an arm and a leg to use and the return on investment it can bring is well worth the small monthly payment. The benefits and the revenue that email automation can bring in make spending a little money completely worth it.

Email Automation has Multiple Benefits

Email automation has a multitude of benefits from time-saving to conversion rate increasing. Email marketing on its own is an excellent marketing tool however using automation for your email marketing can take it from excellent to outstanding. Some of its biggest benefits are improving the efficiency of your business and reducing abandoned carts.


How does it help with improving the efficiency of your business? Well, firstly you can easily segment customers into email lists that are relevant. For example, you could have one email list for people interested in a certain thing, live in a certain area and are between a certain age. This allows you to easily condense the number of people you send an email to, so you can target customers more specifically. 

As well as narrowing down your targeting so it’s more specific, you can send a series of emails to thousands of people. You can create an email marketing campaign in one go, give it triggers and let the software automate your emails to send at the right times without having to do anything.

Abandoned Cart Reduction

Emails are one of the best ways to re-target people and get people to return to their abandoned cart items and purchase. With email automation, you can create multiple abandoned cart emails that consistently go out automatically when people abandon their cart.  

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Increased Conversion Rates

If you create effective email marketing campaigns, the increase in conversion rate can be massive. A compelling, personalised email with a good, and highly visible call to action, can easily create high conversions. The conversion rate of emails being a very respectable, 15.11% in 2020. 

Not Convinced? Take a Look at the Facts!

As of 2020, 59% of marketers say emails are their biggest source of ROI. That’s a huge amount when you think about a business as a whole. There are tons of ways to market your business both online and in real life but one of the biggest ways for a lot of businesses is email marketing, so it clearly works. 

ROI Return On Investment Capital Gain

77% of users of email marketing automation were able to see a conversion increase after using automation software for their business. 

Emails with personalisation in the subject line received a 58% higher click-to-open rate than those without. Personalisation is something that can be easily done across thousands of emails using automation. 

Marketers that segmented their users for their campaigns concluded that using segmentation, saw as much as a 760% increase in revenue.  

We can’t really see a reason why anyone would be sceptical about email automation but if you need to sell email automation to a sceptic, everything we’ve mentioned should just about convince them. From the excellent benefits of efficiency and good conversion rate to the lack of downsides. The facts speak for themselves at how effective email automation can be for your business, there’s no good reason to be sceptical! 

If email automation sounds like something that could help grow your business, why not give it a go and request a demo from us. 

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